What if they were painted? The TMNT edition

8:00 PM on 07.16.2012

As a collector, few things bug me (in terms of presentation) as much as unpainted weapons. You can have an awesome sculpt with decent jointing and passable paint, but the second you pop something like a bright orange weapon (that shouldn't be orange) in his hand it's just going to look silly.

And clearly I'm not alone in that opinion, as customizer Mint Condition Customs has not only seen fit to give Playmates' new 4-inch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles the painted weapons they deserve but also went ahead and touched up on the color on the turtles themselves. The results are solid on both counts. The Turtle repaints feature a good deal of color in the design, giving them a more realistic look (that said, they stand fine on their own merits unpainted since the brighter colors may well reflect the new cartoon). Much more essential are the awesome weapon repaints.

Donatello's weapon set (header) looks phenomenal with a few shades of paint. His weapons went from gaudy red plastic to something resembling actual wood with excellently shaded bandage-grips. Mike's bright orange weapons underwent a similar upgrade, going from "what the heck?" to "heck yeah!" The apps are arguably less essential on Ralph's and Leo's weapons but even merely coloring in the grips goes a long way.

Not artistically inclined? Well, Mind Condition Customs is currently selling his customized set of four TMNT figures in his store.

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