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Wha' Happened: The Network Roundup (3/9/12)

11:00 PM on 03.09.2012 // Matthew Razak

Today I was going to try to tie all the posts from around the Modern Method network together with some kind of theme. So before writing this I went around and collected everything that caught my eye and then stared at it for some sort of overarching connection. Then I stared some more. Then a little more. Nothing was coming to me so I gave up. I'll try again on Monday to not be completely random.

Of course random doesn't mean that there isn't good reading to be had. Dive in below to see what else is going on outside of the world of toys.


Reviews: John Carter, Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, Silent House
The Joss Whedon produced Cabin in the Woods is the best horror movie in years.
Cult Club: Tideland. Taking a look at the modern day cult film by Terry Gilliam.


An interesting look at how review scores affect game sales. I wouldn't have thought they mattered as much.
The five things that make a great game. They left off featuring Mr. Destructoid in the game for some reason.
GAME about to go bankrupt.


A look at Vol. 3 and 4 of Fairy Tale. A kickass anime.
Go West! Week Seven. More Japanese games that I'll sadly never play.
Japanator Recommends: A Letter to Momo. Sounds like I need to find a copy of this stat.

Matthew Razak,
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