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Wha' Happened: The Network Roundup (3/5/12)

11:00 PM on 03.05.2012 // Matthew Razak

Fun fact: There's an entire network of awesome sites just like Tomopop!

Maybe you didn't know about them. Maybe you did and forgot about them. Possibly you've been avoiding them because you heard they all had some STDs. Well, I'm not here to confirm or deny the potential rumors of which site has what, but I can tell you now that you definitely should be enjoying all the wonders that the Modern Method network has to offer and not just Tomopop.

As such I am bringing easy access to the most interesting things on the network to you. Welcome to Wha' Happened, a daily recap of all the awesome that's gone on around this wonderful network of sites. Each day, I'll be bringing you the cream of the cream from each site... or just the posts with boobs. We'll see how it works out. So come on in, the water's been cleaned since that whole cheese fondue incident.


Fable: The Journey preview. Is it on rails? Yes... or maybe no. I'm not sure.
Assassin's Creed III reveal trailer. Renaissance Italy to the U.S. Civil War? Yup, nothing happened between those times.
Street Fighter X Tekken review. Two fighting games together at last. But does this strange relationship breed good or evil?


BADaptation: Mortal Kombat. Lots and lots of fanboy rage.
Men in Black III trailer. Josh Brolin does the greatest Tommy Lee Jones ever. Possibly better than Tommy Lee Jones does Tommy Lee Jones.
Keanu Reeves has read the Bill and Ted 3 script and likes it. Keanu Reeves can read?


Shonen Showdown. Missed your favorite anime or manga? Not a problem because Japanator's got you covered, with a fancy new logo to boot.
Why tsundere girls are appealing. I'm not cool enough to know what a tsundere girl is, but judging from the header I find them appealing. Also, science!
Cats. Now in idol group form.

Matthew Razak,
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