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Wha' Happened: Extraterrestrial Abductions Day

11:30 PM on 03.20.2012
Wha' Happened: Extraterrestrial Abductions Day photo

An entire day for the celebration of alien abductions? I mean, I guess so. I kind of wonder how people celebrate this holiday. Do they go out and stand in a field hoping to be taken up to the stars? Does the family gather around a giant mashed potato sculpture? Do you grab the kids and stand under bright spotlights and pretend you're being lifted into the air? Do people probe themselves?

That got weird. Well, while you're outside trying to get abducted here's some stuff to read.


Michael Bay tells everyone to stop whining about TMNT.
Interview: Matthew McConaughey and Richard Linklater. Yes, we tried to kiss McConaughey. It didn't end well.
Contest: Win a signed poster for The Raid. Seriously the best kung fu/action flick in years.


Reviews: Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, Sine Mora, Ninja Gaiden 3
Epic Mickey 2 spin off for 3DS? Hopefully it doesn't feel as dated as the original.
Ten games that will make you hungry. The only article you'll read today involving Yoshi's Cookie.


Japanator Saimoe 2012: Spring Nominations. It begins!
Starship Troopers in anime form... again.
Superhero Time. There's a really weird guy with a pizza this week.

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