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Weta's Barad-dr (Sauron's fortress) is terrifyingly cool

1:00 AM on 01.08.2013 // Scarecroodle

Also scary expensive

Say what you will about Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings films, but they were visually stunning. And no area were they more appealing than the absolutely epic buildings, such as with Barad-dûr. Weta appears to have painstakingly recreated Sauron's home base (the aforementioned Barad-dûr), but be warned: this 21-inch tall sculpture will do more damage to your credit card than a Balrog (assuming a white haired banker isn't around to yell something about the charge not passing).

Weta's Barad-dûr sculpture exudes the evil of temptation as much as any old enchanted ring empowered by a sorcerer-spirit. Just by gazing upon it you feel the overwhelming urge to pre-order this roughly US$700 centerpiece. The level of detail is insane, especially when just zooming in on some portions of the photos (via Weta's site), which is largely accommodated by the sheer size of this thing. The replica is listed as being 20.9-inches tall by 18.1-inches wide by 12.2-inches. And, if that's not outrageous enough for you, it weighs a whopping 22 pounds.

Weta's Barad-dûr is a masterpiece. An evil masterpiece. A dark temptation that prompts you to spend money you probably shouldn't. The only thing missing is the Eye of Sauron, blazing down from its peak ever in search of the ring-bearer or, in this case, for whatever money you have set aside. There may be only one ring to rule them all, but Weta's Barad-dûr is slightly less exclusive as a thousand piece limited edition. Can you resist the urge to buy Barad-dûr or will the strength of man fail in this hour?

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