Watch Scott Neitlich fumble around with Granamyr

6:00 PM on 11.09.2012


Associate Editor

Your level of amusement may vary

Sometimes it's nice to just take a minute, sit back, and watch a grown man fumble with a toy. Mattel's brand manager Scott Neitlich provides just such an opportunity in his video preview of the upcoming Masters of the Universe Classics Granamyr.

Neitlich shows that Granamyr requires some construction, as the giant dragon's limbs and wings need to snapped into place. While Granamyr looks tiny next to Matty's other large items when posed seated, he appears to almost as tall as Voltron while standing at his full height (although he'd need to propped against something to stay up and those dragon-chicken legs would look funny like that). Granamyr may still be large, but this video reminds us that everything is a matter of perspective.

Expect to see Granamyr on sale in December, although likely not in time to make it under your Christmas tree (begging the question: when is Kwanza?). Click the jump for the video.

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Associate Editor
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