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Warning: Mattel's DCU Injustice Joker may induce smiling

9:15 PM on 02.03.2013
Warning: Mattel's DCU Injustice Joker may induce smiling photo

A Hong Kong-based ebay listing has revealed what may be the first image of Mattel's upcoming DC Unlimited Injustice: Gods Among Us Joker. While the old "Hong Kong sneak peek" is common enough, the surprising thing here is that the Joker actually looks pretty cool.

After seeing tentative (ie, not official) photos of the Injustice Batman and Superman, I didn't exactly have high hopes for any of the other upcoming Injustice figures. However, apparently Mattel has come along and delivered something that looks surprisingly okay. Granted, at first glance I thought the Joker looked a little dorky but, after looking the figure a few times, I gradually started to really like this design. This is also the first I've seen of the character's Injustice video game look and I'm liking what I see. The Joker's costume has gone from being a simple, well-trimmed suit to something akin to that of a ringleader -- a perfect expression of the Joker's personality. The only real downside to the outfit is that I imagine it may badly crimp the figure's articulation.

Bear in mind that these photos are seemingly unofficial images so the overall quality may be a bit nicer on the actual figure. That said, even this is pretty good.

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