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War Lord - Beasticons revealed, but who's making them?

5:00 PM on 12.03.2012

Jeremy Emerje Crocker

Associate Editor

Unknown third party group gives a preview of upcoming homage to Predaking and the Predacons.

Transformers combiner teams come in many shapes and sizes. The smallest was the Micromaster six-member teams, and then you had the larger, more familiar teams like the Aerialbots or Combaticons. But the biggest team of all was the Predacons! Where most teams, like the Stunticons, were made up of one large figure for the body and four smaller figures to form the limbs, all five of the Predacons were large figures. Their combined form had the well deserved name of Predaking, it towered over most Transformers from the G1 days. The team is a major fan favorite when it comes to figures and Takara has reissued him twice now, though Hasbro hasn't really done much themselves. What fans really want right now is an updated version with lots of detail and articulation to go with their Classics/Generations figures, but the chances of that happening officially aren't that good.

That's where third parties come in. Meteor Operation has put a series of images up of what they're calling War Lord - Beasticons. Problem is they say the name of the third party group making it is unknown, but got the pictures from a reliable source and it is being produced. Doesn't really matter who's making them right now, all I need to know at the moment is that it's awesome! Even this early look at Razorclaw and Divebomb shows off a ton of detail and articulation. The thing that really drew me in was the finger joints and double elbow. Also interesting that the wings on 'Predaking's' back don't appear to be the same as the ones on 'Divebomb'. I like how the large canons that are often seen on Predaking's back are part of this version's shoulder joint, looks like they'll be more useful there.

We're obviously a long way from knowing the release date and price when we don't even know who's making it, but you can be sure we'll be bringing you more as it's revealed. For now, enjoy the gallery.

[via TFormers]


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Jeremy Emerje Crocker
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