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Wall-E and Nemo Revoltechs are up for pre-order, won't break your bank

3:00 PM on 10.24.2011 // Pedro Cortes

Earlier in the month, we got a release date for first pair of Pixar Revoltechs. I'm here to report to you fine folks that pre-orders are up at the usual places, so those excited for poseable fish and robots can drop ¥2,286 to get either Nemo or the heartbreakingly-cute Wall-E. The lovable little trash-bot comes with eleven different points of articulation, a fire extinguisher, a plant in a shoe and a block of trash. Nemo comes with the ADD-addled and forgetful Dory, an extra set of eyes and a coral base. As reported earlier, they both drop Dec. 15.

I really wish I didn't have so many things hitting in December and January, because I have severe feelings of WANT for that Wall-E. It's still my favorite Pixar film and I eat any merch from that film up. Nemo I'm not so hot on. I thought his movie was OK at best and this Revoltech is definitely lacking. Besides the obvious lack of articulation, it's pretty light on accessories. I think it would've done better as a static figure. What do the Tomopeeps think?


[Pre-order Wall-E and Nemo over at AmiAmi (Wall-ENemo) Hobby Search (Wall-ENemo) Hobby Link Japan (Wall-ENemo)]

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