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Volks unveil their Xenosaga III Dollfie Dreams!

12:00 PM on 11.30.2012 // Chris Seto

Relinquish your pain unto your wallets!!!

I'm sure a fair few people have been waiting for this moment, but Volks have finally shown the first images of their Dollfie Dream KOS-MOS and MOMO from Xenosaga III, a scant few hours before they open the floodgates to get pre-orders going!

Pricing has been on the Japanese Xenosaga III page for a small while now, but the english version was never updated! Go figure! MOMO will be clocking in at a rather standard ¥61,950 while KOS-MOS is right up there on the high end of the scale at ¥99,750!!!! That's right, she's going to match the price of Saber and Saber Lily! I'll give you a few moments to pick up your jaws and rub your eyes in disbelief. Also, please note that the price does not include the G-SHOT cannons, which will retail separately at ¥11,400. So for the full package of KOS-MOS and two G-SHOT cannons, you are looking at ¥122,550!!

Pre-orders will start at 10am Japan time, so probably a few hours after you read this post but remember, for US residents, you will only be able to order MOMO via the Volks USA site. For KOS-MOS, you will have to join the rest of us plebs and order via the Volks international site.

Still, KOS-MOS actually existing and looking pretty sweet is no small feat. One could be pedantic and note that the headpiece should be behind her hair, or the DDS MOMO looks a little too old but lets just enjoy them as they are! Pre-orders will run up until 20th January and the dolls (with invoices) will be sent out in Autumn 2013... Well, at least that gives you plenty of time to look between the sofa cushions for the extra change to pay for them!!

[via Volks Dollfie Dream Blog]

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