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Volks' Sorbet from Shining Hearts makes a cool accessory

2:00 PM on 11.12.2012 // Jonathan Tubbs

Dollfie Dream Melty's pet accessory is a delicious highlight of this upcoming doll.

It's Monday. I don't want to work and I'm sure you don't either. Heck, you're probably sneaking in some internet at your job right now. So if we're wasting time, let's all go out for some ice cream with Sorbet from Shining Hearts! What do you say? How can you say "no" to that adorable face? Not only would you be eating something delicious, you'll be enjoying it with this creature that is sooooooooo cute! So come on!

Revealed with Dollfie Dream Sister Melty, the Dollfie Dream Blog updated with a focus on Sorbet who looks to have more to him than just being a simple accessory. The little fellow is designed to stand alone but can also be displayed with ice cream in each hand. Not only can ice cream be put into its hands but the pocket in front also extends though the space is rather limited. The blog post also shows how cute Sorbet can be by just laying flat on his stomach or back. It's so cute! You can also have Melty show a little bit of "love" by squishing Sorbet.

Of the recent announcements by Volks for their Dollfie Dream dolls, Melty and Sorbet easily have my undivided attention. Dollfie Dream Sister Melty and Sorbet will be available at the upcoming Dolpa 28 on December 16, 2012. Still no word from Volks yet if these two will be available in the US or internationally.

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