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Volks' Dollfie Dreams sister Nanami can't be this cute

11:30 PM on 02.16.2013 // Scarecroodle

Tomopop editor not afraid of curses... or ghosts.

Some on the site have occasionally asked why we don't have more doll coverage, but there's actually a relatively simple explanation for that: Tomopop is cursed. Or, more specifically, the doll segment of Tomopop is cursed. All of our doll-specific editors have generally vanished quickly under relatively mysterious circumstances (never to be seen on site again!) while our normal editors who occasionally wrote about dolls ended up leaving as if they were compelled by some mysterious, supernatural force. Now, I've been asked to not bring up this curse because supposedly it's not "professional" to talk about curses (or ghosts, apparently) or maybe it's because the first rule about curse club is that you don't talk about curse club. Nonetheless, today I'm risking fate to take a moment to talk about Volks' new Dollfie Dreams Nanami.

Nanami is an original Dollfie Dreams sister and is part of the Afterschool Akiba Girls line. She's also adorable. Really, really adorable. I absolutely love that reddish hair and cute outfit. And that whole get-up with the electric guitar is too cute for words.

Nanami will be available at Hometown Dolpha in Osaka 7. The guitar will apparently be sold separately. Wolfheinrich has a fairly detailed explanation of the character's specs, for anybody interested. 

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