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Volks are going full force with GK for Wonder Festival

7:00 PM on 01.28.2013 // Chris Seto

Take no Quarter!

The monthly magazine scans may have given away much of the surprise but it seems that Volks still had a few tricks up their sleeves as they have just opened up their Wonder Festival page on their main site to show what they will be taking to the event in a couple of weeks time.

As shown in the scans, there will be a new kit from an add-on for Walkure Romanze in the guise of Alice Weinberg. She will be joined by the other two recent releases, Ryozouji Akane and Bertille Alchiselle at the Volks booth. Also, a completely new kit of Koishikawa Tamami from new eroge hanairo Heptagram will also be on sale. There was a tiny pic of her in the magazine scans but we have a clear (and coloured) look at her now! Akiyama Akari will be on display for the charagumin side along with yet another member of the Girls und Panzer cast, Isuzu Hana.

Rounding up the rest are various senjustuki variants from Muv-Luv alternative and the enormous duo of KOS-MOS and T-ELOS, both with huge pricetags to match their 1/4 scale. It's great to see KOS-MOS available again after years of nothing but I can't help but be at least a little annoyed by the release of T-ELOS since she will be released as both a regular unpainted kit and a charagumin kit! Having recently received the Charagumin kit, I'm not all that impressed by the workmanship, as the colour resin kit still needs a lick of paint to look decent, in which case, I would have preferred to go for the unpainted (and ¥10k cheaper) regular kit had I known that they would have made it available again so soon...


[via Volks WF page]

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