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VISEone's Comic Stripped Hobbes Qee brings nostalgia

7:00 PM on 03.15.2012 // Rio McCarthy

It seems I'm far from the only one who grew up with the incredible comics of Bill Watterson, namely Calvin and Hobbes. Without having to say it, this is definitely my favorite of VISEone's Comic Stripped pieces to date. This 16 inch Qee customized to look like Hobbes is nothing short of fantastic, and the comics worked so fantastically for this piece.

Thankfully he just made black and white copies on white and orange paper so none of the original books were harmed in the making of this custom. The loose brushstrokes do a great job of replicating the original style in the comics. VISEone is very partial to this piece and hasn't decided if he's going to sell it yet. Offers will start at €650 including shipping, so if you're interested you can contact him and see if he's willing to part with it. Head on over to VISEone's website for more information in the new March Newsletter.

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