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Apr 26 // Emily Smalara

Go for a summer dip with Kuroneko

It's no secret that I like girls, and I like swimsuits, but even I get tired of producers churning out the same old, same old. That includes the school swimsuit look. I'm even of the mind that one pieces are seriously underra...
Apr 26 // Emily Smalara

Set your sights on pre-ordering Akane Tsunemori

Being a big fan of Gen "The Butcher" Urobuchi's work, I'm always reminded of my slacking off when Psycho-Pass comes up. I've heard nothing but good things past a bit of a slow start, but I've yet to find the time to settle do...
Feb 26 // Emily Smalara

This Kaoru Niimi pre-order is asstounding

The Yamato Girls Collection additions just keep on coming! Sexy Science Officer Kaoru Niimi is next in line, showing us all just how a curvy meganekko can work it despite spending long hours in the lab. I may not dig the some...
Feb 26 // Emily Smalara

Pre-order best Heavy Cruiser Takao today

One of the better, but underlooked, series of recent seasons, Ars Nova was a pretty fantastic take on the whole Japanese anthropomorphizing of vehicles, weapons--and in this case, both. It hit quite a few high notes during it...
Feb 26 // Emily Smalara

[NSFW] Hammer home this newest Naoe pre-order

Samurai Girls certainly makes for some good PVC fodder, thanks to some surprisingly top notch art direction for an ecchi series. The show's got a great, memorable art style, and we've seen no shortage of figures popping up on...
Feb 06 // Emily Smalara

This new Kuroneko pre-order schools you on cuteness

Oreimo continues to show off its everlasting popularity long after its completion with collectible after collectible showing up, and of course the figure world is no different. Clayz is aiming right for the pervs with their l...
Dec 20 // Emily Smalara

Pick up your last gift with Mana Tendou

I've been following the gradual progression of FREEing's gift-wrapped Nakaimo girls since the first releases, and sadly we've come to the end of our sisterly harem. Fittingly they've saved one of the best for last, with the c...
Dec 20 // Emily Smalara

Welcome home some wolf pups with this trio

It seems to be a rarity to see figures based off movie properties, especially movies that seem to have global appeal for some reason. You don't really see many Studio Ghibli figures, and similarly there's not exactly a huge m...
Dec 20 // Emily Smalara

Get a glimpse at Kirino's younger days in this pre-order

Oreimo figures are certainly a dime a dozen, but Wave is mixing it up with their latest! Not only have they broken away from their Beach Queens line to provide a larger 1/8-scale figure, but they've turned back the clock for ...
Dec 20 // Emily Smalara

Catch the Steel King off guard with this pre-order

Though less moe than her younger sister, I've always been rather partial to Henneko's Tsukushi, the hardened Steel King. While she's usually on edge and ready to strike, Griffon's given us a look at the sword-swinging beauty ...
Dec 20 // Emily Smalara

Aim true and pre-order this Tomo Asama

Kotobukiya continues doing god's work, making even the somewhat weirdly designed characters of Horizon on the Middle of Nowhere look like figures more than worthy of any collection. I'm still not very familiar with the show t...
Dec 18 // Emily Smalara

[NSFW] Play doctor with this Sasara pre-order

Lechery is on a roll lately, even if they seem to be crossing the line into a bit samey figures. Hot on the heels of tonight's Charm Maid comes another licensed addition to their offerings in the form of To Heart's Sasara Kus...
Dec 18 // Emily Smalara

[NSFW] Get squeaky clean with this Charm Maid pre-order

More Lechery goodness comes to us with this "Charm Maid Peach", a rare maid figure that actually has said maid doing things you'd expect her to be doing--cleaning! In true Lechery form though, I don't think that uniform is ex...
Dec 17 // Emily Smalara

Long live the king! Another Arthur figure for pre-order!

Way back in June I remembered taking a look at another Eiyuu*Senki figure of "King" Arthur from Gift, one I really liked the look of a lot. Embrace Japan is soon set to show off another version of the genderbent ruler in May,...
Dec 17 // Emily Smalara

Keep building your idol stable with Love Live's Umi

Fans of singing schoolgirls in Love Live will know despite the bright coloring, Koto's fantastic work on lead girl Honoka is perfect for the hyperactive protagonist. I loved it from the moment I saw it and thought it might be...
Dec 17 // Emily Smalara

Pre-ordering this kitty might strike a chord with you

Now there's the Lechery I know and love! They've been a bit on the "miss" side of hit or miss lately, foregoing their usual art style in general and providing some slightly, dare I say, sleazy figures that betrayed what drew ...
Dec 14 // Emily Smalara

Pre-order that other Homura, the naughty one

It took a short while since we previewed her, but Senran Kagura's brown-skinned beauty Homura is now up for pre-order at the usual spots. Another cast member I fell in love with the minute I saw her on screen, she continues t...
Dec 13 // Emily Smalara

Get tied up in pre-ordering Nakaimo's Mei

It was only a matter of time, but the last of FREEing's gift-wrapped Nakaimo ladies is here, with mysteries meganekko Mei Sagara. Not my favorite of the girls for a multitude of reasons, but it's still sad to see such a serie...
Dec 12 // Emily Smalara

[NSFW] Take a glimpse at this Sen pre-order

While Ikkitousen and Senran Kagura may have the market cornered on Japanese-inspired fighting beauties, let's not forget about the somewhat lesser known Hyakka Ryouran! Especially when the curvy cast manages to provide such f...
Dec 12 // Emily Smalara

Try your luck with this chibi Naruto bunch

If you never thought of Naruto as cute before, that probably all changed with the show's recent addition of the occasionally inserted jinchuriki memorization songs, featuring a number of cast members in tiny chibi form urging...
Dec 12 // Emily Smalara

Recruit your own Lynette Bishop with this pre-order

Alter's Strike Witches lineup has no end in sight, and with the semi-recent announcement of a new season that's probably going to be a fact for some time yet. The latest pantsless loli is Lynette Bishop, who has seemingly adv...
Dec 11 // Emily Smalara

Don't let this ethereal Youmu slip through your fingers

Touhou characters don't always receive a lot of variation in design--you either get the original attempts at "artwork", or the more typical prettied up versions seen in Griffon's numerous releases. Embrace Japan is set to giv...
Dec 11 // Emily Smalara

Suit up for spirit hunting with this Origami pre-order

I'm still waiting for a sign of Kotori to come out, but Griffon's decided that Date-a-Live's strangely named token kuudere, Tobiichi Origami, requires more attention first. Since apparently she hasn't gotten enough already. E...
Dec 10 // Emily Smalara

Pick up this Tsukiko for a private striptease

Despite being super moe, the lovely girls of Henneko are far from any strangers to fanservice. The masterful Kantoku's designs are just too perfect, and FREEing has jumped on the chance to capitalize on the lack of naughtines...
Dec 10 // Emily Smalara

Pre-order this not-so-subtle Suguha for your inner siscon

As Sword Art Online's second arc rolled around, fans realized even this dramatic fantasy/sci-fi series wasn't free from the recent resurgence of anime featuring sisters with a bit more than familial intentions. Enter Suguha K...
Dec 10 // Emily Smalara

Speed your way to being first in grabbing Racing Miku

Ah, Miku. Not technically the first Vocaloid-esque singer, but certainly the most popular by far. I doubt figures of everyone's favorite digital diva will come to a halt any time soon, especially with Good Smile's regular yea...
Dec 07 // Emily Smalara

Fight to pre-order this sexy Hikage!

Having dropped Senran Kagura just a few episodes in and still not having had the chance to try the game itself out, I'm not too familiar with the cast beyond the original group. Characters like this Hikage are certainly makin...
Dec 07 // Emily Smalara

Take a shot at this Kurumi gallery!

Just in time for the Date-a-Live OVA, we've got another gallery prepared from Akiba Hobby featuring none other than vaguely sociopathic antagonist Kurumi in all her frilly glory. These new shots really let you get a look at h...
Dec 07 // Emily Smalara

Get a closer look at this divine Madoka Beach Queens

Just recently we brought word of a whole team of new Madoka Beach Queens, but in case you're on the fence or just want a closer peek, Akiba Hobby's tossed up a new gallery of none other than the leader of the lot, Madoka hers...
Dec 06 // Emily Smalara

Free this elegant new Asuna with a pre-order

The PVC world's current darling, Sword Art Online's Asuna, still isn't out of the running with yet another Alfheim related figure coming to us from Plum in March. While the arc itself may be rather hotly debated, the appeal o...
Dec 05 // Emily Smalara

Genderbending goes West with this Billy the Kid pre-order

With Japan's penchant for turning historical figures into cuties, it's a wonder we haven't seen more focus on American personalities. Plenty of European and Japanese figures have been given the "moefication" treatment, but as...
Dec 05 // Emily Smalara

Pick up this Saber when she comes down the aisle

As is no secret by now, I much prefer the Fate series' Saber in her rare feminine versions. As good as she looks in a suit, few things beat something like Saber Lily, or in this case a new Bride version. Much as I dislike Nen...
Dec 05 // Emily Smalara

Secure your collection with some dire wolf pups

The now-infamous A Song of Ice and Fire is not exactly known for cute things, unless you're like my girlfriend and I and coo and fawn over Daenerys' oh-so-adorable newly hatched death machines. However, all that's about to ch...
Dec 04 // Emily Smalara

Prepare your lance, another Celia pre-order is here

Earlier this year we saw Kaitendo release quite the curvy Celia of Walkure Romanze fame, but they don't seem done just yet. Rather than come out with something all new to take advantage of the anime currently airing, we'll be...
Dec 04 // Emily Smalara

Grab this Yagyu and hit a nude beach

Rare though it is to see an Ikkitousen girl that isn't one of the major recognizable cast members, Aizu Project brings us this very pretty looking polystone version of one Yagyu Mitsuyoshi. Like probably a lot of casual fans ...
Dec 04 // Emily Smalara

Pre-order this Akari Taiyo Nendo at daybreak

Day Break Illusion is probably one of the worst series in recent memory that I've still managed to finish. Against all odds, it was an awful, muddled mess. A dark, tarot-themed magical girl series helmed by a number of Nanoha...
Nov 30 // Emily Smalara

This Ikkitousen harem does Pandora System right

Recently we've been treated to another creepy usage of the poseable Pandora System, in the form of Ro-Kyu-Bu's Hinata. Chara-Ani appears to have come to their senses though, preparing to let loose a blind boxed set of charact...
Nov 30 // Emily Smalara

Go casual fridays with this Ruiko pre-order

A pretty girl in little more than a button-down top is one of life's simple pleasures, and that's just what we're getting from Chara-Ani. Blasphemy it may be, I've never been a huge Index fan despite having partaken of a fair...
Nov 28 // Emily Smalara

This Hinata pre-order is a slam dunk for creepers

The latest in Chara-Ani's switchable Pandora System figures is here, with loliriffic sports anime Ro-Kyu-Bu's Hinata Hakamada shown off. Given that I'm not a total lolicon I've not partaken in so much as a trailer for this ra...
Nov 28 // Emily Smalara

Treat yourself to something sweet and grab a new Tamaki

It's been awhile since we've seen something from Beat, but they're back this April with my favorite redhead, none other than luscious Tamaki! They've dubbed this version "sweetheart", but it appears to be little more than an ...

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