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6:00 PM on 06.22.2011

What Toys Are Up To: Combat-San's glorious rebirth

One of the most wonderful things about keeping up with the world of toy customs is that it never fails to amaze or inspire. Tale for instance, Japanese customizer Tomogomafu (site requires registration), who tr...

Colette Bennett

12:00 PM on 06.22.2011

Amanda Visell shows off beautiful new seahorse figures

Amanda Visell is known for her affinity with seahorses, and we can't exact blame her -- the little dudes are kind of awesome and fascinating. However, just a few hours ago, she tweeted a photo of some new ones that are maybe ...

Colette Bennett

11:00 AM on 06.22.2011

Jouwe's Plum pops up at the Breeanzz Projects show

Indonesian artist Breeanzz recently had a showing of his work at fX Mall Jakarta, which was hosted MyTummyToys and Plastic Culture (see more photos from the show at ToysREvil here). If the artist's name sounds familiar, you m...

Colette Bennett

9:00 PM on 06.17.2011

Rampage Toys X Tenacious Toys introduce Mini Kaiju Cupcake series

Everyone is always foaming at the mouth over the idea of eating cupcakes. Well, what if a cupcake wanted to eat you. Don't like that idea so much, do you? Think how they must feel! I get the feeling that the cupcakes in this ...

Colette Bennett

3:00 PM on 06.17.2011

First4Figures 20th anniversary Sonic statue (hint: you cannot has)

Sonic fans are surely trembling in their boots over the sight of this gorgeously sculpted collectible. Created by First 4 Figures, this figure was commissioned by Sega of Europe to celebrate Sonic's 20th anniversary! The webs...

Colette Bennett

10:00 AM on 06.17.2011

Custom Delights: Kingquan's Yuuka

Symbiote Studios' Symbiote is a very interesting platform. We've reviewed them, we've deconstructed them, and we always look forward to what people will come up with to enhance that big round head and little teeny body. The r...

Colette Bennett

6:00 PM on 06.15.2011

What Toys Are Up To: Misaka's Adventures

A series of really outstanding photos of the Mikoto Misaka figma from Aru Majutsu no Index popped up this week on a Japanese collector's personal blog, and we were really impressed with what we saw. I love any sort of shots t...

Colette Bennett

10:00 AM on 06.15.2011

Toy2R unveils the newest Monster Bossy Bear: Toxic Stomp

In January, Toy2R unveiled their Monster Bossy Bear line. With kaiju stylings and a fun pop culture look, it garned a positive response from fans of the Bossy series and vinyl fans alike. Between the excellent price point (US...

Colette Bennett

6:00 PM on 06.08.2011

What Toys Are Up To: All of Yuki's secrets

Look at that Yuki. Doesn't she just look as if she has a heart full of secrets, all ready to unlock? I can't help but think so. Maybe it's the glasses and the coat, or the angle of the photograph, but still, I kind of want to...

Colette Bennett

4:00 PM on 06.06.2011

Tomopop Review: Groove's Hatsune Miku

Some people don't care for the oversized heads and petite bodies of Groove's Taeyang and Pullip doll lines, although I know between myself and master of doll knowledge Brigitte Coovert, there are at least two fans on the staf...

Colette Bennett

7:00 PM on 05.31.2011

What Toys Are Up To: Aliens at play

We've been getting lucky with photo submissions lately. One of our readers, Emil, submitted several shots of his Aegis figma in action, which you can see in the gallery (my personal favorite is the one where she's sitting on ...

Colette Bennett

2:00 PM on 05.27.2011

Hot Toys finally reveals their classic 1978 Superman figure

I've been waiting patiently since August of last year for this moment. The one where Hot Toys would finally unveil the Christopher Reeve version of Superman from the 1978 film -- the one that I've had a crush on ever since I ...

Colette Bennett