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Jun 22 // Colette Bennett

What Toys Are Up To: Combat-San's glorious rebirth

One of the most wonderful things about keeping up with the world of toy customs is that it never fails to amaze or inspire. Tale for instance, Japanese customizer Tomogomafu (site requires registration), who tr...
Jun 22 // Colette Bennett

Amanda Visell shows off beautiful new seahorse figures

Amanda Visell is known for her affinity with seahorses, and we can't exact blame her -- the little dudes are kind of awesome and fascinating. However, just a few hours ago, she tweeted a photo of some new ones that are maybe ...
Jun 22 // Colette Bennett

Jouwe's Plum pops up at the Breeanzz Projects show

Indonesian artist Breeanzz recently had a showing of his work at fX Mall Jakarta, which was hosted MyTummyToys and Plastic Culture (see more photos from the show at ToysREvil here). If the artist's name sounds familiar, you m...
Jun 17 // Colette Bennett

Rampage Toys X Tenacious Toys introduce Mini Kaiju Cupcake series

Everyone is always foaming at the mouth over the idea of eating cupcakes. Well, what if a cupcake wanted to eat you. Don't like that idea so much, do you? Think how they must feel! I get the feeling that the cupcakes in this ...
Jun 17 // Colette Bennett

First4Figures 20th anniversary Sonic statue (hint: you cannot has)

Sonic fans are surely trembling in their boots over the sight of this gorgeously sculpted collectible. Created by First 4 Figures, this figure was commissioned by Sega of Europe to celebrate Sonic's 20th anniversary! The webs...
Jun 17 // Colette Bennett

Custom Delights: Kingquan's Yuuka

Symbiote Studios' Symbiote is a very interesting platform. We've reviewed them, we've deconstructed them, and we always look forward to what people will come up with to enhance that big round head and little teeny body. The r...
Jun 15 // Colette Bennett

What Toys Are Up To: Misaka's Adventures

A series of really outstanding photos of the Mikoto Misaka figma from Aru Majutsu no Index popped up this week on a Japanese collector's personal blog, and we were really impressed with what we saw. I love any sort of shots t...
Jun 15 // Colette Bennett

Toy2R unveils the newest Monster Bossy Bear: Toxic Stomp

In January, Toy2R unveiled their Monster Bossy Bear line. With kaiju stylings and a fun pop culture look, it garned a positive response from fans of the Bossy series and vinyl fans alike. Between the excellent price point (US...
Jun 08 // Colette Bennett

What Toys Are Up To: All of Yuki's secrets

Look at that Yuki. Doesn't she just look as if she has a heart full of secrets, all ready to unlock? I can't help but think so. Maybe it's the glasses and the coat, or the angle of the photograph, but still, I kind of want to...
Jun 06 // Colette Bennett

Tomopop Review: Groove's Hatsune Miku

Some people don't care for the oversized heads and petite bodies of Groove's Taeyang and Pullip doll lines, although I know between myself and master of doll knowledge Brigitte Coovert, there are at least two fans on the staf...
May 31 // Colette Bennett

What Toys Are Up To: Aliens at play

We've been getting lucky with photo submissions lately. One of our readers, Emil, submitted several shots of his Aegis figma in action, which you can see in the gallery (my personal favorite is the one where she's sitting on ...
May 27 // Colette Bennett

Hot Toys finally reveals their classic 1978 Superman figure

I've been waiting patiently since August of last year for this moment. The one where Hot Toys would finally unveil the Christopher Reeve version of Superman from the 1978 film -- the one that I've had a crush on ever since I ...
May 25 // Colette Bennett

What Toys Are Up To: Layton Vs. The figma

Finding pictures for our weekly What Toys Are Up To feature is always fun, but I admit my favorite thing about ti is when a reader sends in photos of their toys that they shot themselves. That's why I always beg you guys to d...
May 25 // Colette Bennett

Funko Pop! line gets The Wizard of Oz figures

I am ALL about this Pop! line that Funko has going. We've talked about it plenty before, and we're going to keep talking about it. As long as I'm around, anyway. The Blot Says tells us that this set is coming in December. It ...
May 22 // Colette Bennett

MegaHobby Expo 2011 Spring: Altair working on Durarara's Orihara Izaya

I adore Alter for coming up with the Altair line. A series of figures dedicated just to boys ... it's just too good to be true for those of us that pine and wait for figures of our favorite pretty faces. They thrilled us duri...
May 22 // Colette Bennett

MegaHobby Expo 2011 Spring: MegaHouse teasing an Izanagi figure!

The only collectible version of the Persona 4 protagonist's Persona, Izanagi, has been the garage kits made by Rampage Ghost we posted about in the past and the tiny chibi version of him in MegaHouse's keychain set. Kind of a...
May 22 // Colette Bennett

MegaHobby Expo 2011 Spring: Megahouse adds Odin Sphere and Princess Crown to their keychain line

MegaHouse has had great success with their chibi keychain line (see our review of the first Persona set right here). Reasonably priced and unbearably precious, it's no surprise to see new series popping up -- but I admit I wo...
May 22 // Colette Bennett

MegaHobby Expo 2011 Spring: Your jaw will drop for these new Code Geass figures

I've got to hand it to MegaHouse and their G.E.M. line, they pretty much blew it out of the water at this year's Megahobby Expo with this stunning prototype for a new Lelouch in his emperor outfit from the end of Code Geass R...
May 22 // Colette Bennett

MegaHobby Expo 2011 Spring: Alter teases a new 1/6 Aegis figure

I never thought I'd say this, being the rabid Persona fan I am, but I'm pretty sick of seeing Aegis. Can't you people give her a rest and make a figure of a character from the series that has said zero time in the spotlight, ...
May 22 // Colette Bennett

MegaHobby Expo 2011 Spring: Oh, K-On!, will you ever end?

We're written about so many K-On! toys on this site, it's nauseating. Well, I guess unless you're a fan of the show, which in case it's probably okay with you. I was surprised to see only two new prototypes coming in these ph...
May 22 // Colette Bennett

MegaHobby Expo 2011 Spring: More Gintama is coming!

For a girl who loves pretty boys, Gintama is the show to see. At this year's MegaHobby Expo 2011 Spring, we got a better look at the upcoming releases in the Gintama line that we originally saw in prototype form at Jump Festa...
May 20 // Colette Bennett

Hot Toys remembers that Superman they teased way back when

I've been patiently waiting since the original announcement last August for any sign of further news on the Hot Toys version of Superman as portrayed by Christopher Reeve in the 1978 film. It's been a while (no doubt they got...
May 20 // Colette Bennett

Custom Delights: Nendoroid Hatsune Miku Butterfly Ver. from Project Diva 2nd

Oh man, I remember that Miku. While playing the PSP rhythm game Project Diva 2nd, in fact. Miku has tons of cute costumes on both the first and the second game, and they've given cosplayers all around the world all sorts of n...
May 20 // Colette Bennett

Kuroshitsuji Sebastian and Ciel mini dolls from Groove are precious

If you've read Tomopop for a while, you already know that I have a hardcore crush on the characters of Kuroshitsuji, especially the handsome, not-quite human butler Sebastian Michaelis. In fact, I've reviewed the Nendoroid ve...
May 19 // Colette Bennett

New Little Apple Dolls at London MCM Expo

I started collecting Little Apple Dolls back in 2008, the year Tomopop launched. Ah, sweet memories! These pale girls with a look right out of j-horror classics such as The Ring captured my heart immediately, and I've kept an...
May 18 // Colette Bennett

NECA announces a limited edition Gizmo figure for this year's Comic Con

San Diego Comic Con is such a blast to begin with, but if you add in that the event is overflowing with exclusive toy releases from all your favorite toy companies, it makes it even more exciting (though your wallet may not a...
May 18 // Colette Bennett

Fear the wrath of the Pikathulu!

It's Pikachu. Except it's also Cthulhu. And it looks angry. Discuss. [Via Sad and Useless]
May 18 // Colette Bennett

What Toys Are Up To: Masterful Mikus and more

This week's What Toys Are Up To features some impressive work from Japanese modeler Zin, who worked on the Love is War kit you see above and added some special tweaks for the beautiful effects you see above. Makes me wish I h...
May 18 // Colette Bennett

Alter takes on Bakemonogatari's Black Hanekawa with stunning results

Girls with cat ears:it never gets old. Throw in the fact that Hanakawa Tsubasa here also happens to be wearing cat printed pajamas and has pointy teeth showing, and well, it's a no brainer that this figure is going to be a su...
May 18 // Colette Bennett

Custom Delights: Portal 2 meets Hello Kitty with this custom personality core

Yesterday, we discovered that a clever artist had created some handmade Personality Cores from the popular Valve game Portal 2. Sadly, none of them were for sale, but we found out a lot about the creation process from the Fli...
May 17 // Colette Bennett

Custom Delights: Portal 2 personality cores are perfect

It took me a while, but I finally just finished Portal 2 (reviewed) this past weekend. For those of you who haven't, I will try to keep this spoiler free for you, but you do need to know that the personality cores in the...
May 17 // Colette Bennett

Ame-Comi's Wonder Woman as Star Sapphire is ... well ... very pink and yellow

So, we don't really care for Ame-Comi that much. There have been a few winners in the line, but overall we have felt as if there were more misses than wins. There's already been a figure of Star Sapphire, and it was ugly. Now...
May 17 // Colette Bennett

Underground Toys bring us new figures from the new season of Doctor Who

I've been playing catch up with Doctor Who lately, trying to go through and watch all the seasons with David Tennant's Tenth Doctor, but after friends urged me I jumped ahead to check out some of the newer season with Matt Sm...
May 16 // Colette Bennett

UPDATED WITH WINNER! Free Figure Friday: Win some Yummy goodies from kidrobot!

Update: Our winner is Slumpwuffle with his hilarious haiku below. See you guys for another contest with free goodies very soon! Candles fade to blackFilled with cupcakes, I vomit.Best Birthday ever.  We've really had som...
May 16 // Colette Bennett

Lilo Cosplay Stitch is in stock at Tenacious Toys!

Remember back in 2009 when MINDstyle did that really cool Experiment 626 project with the Stitch forms we were always rambling on about? It's been a while since I've seen anywhere you could pick up that precious Lilo "Cosplay...
May 16 // Colette Bennett

This new Lat. Miku gallery will get your heart going pitter-patter

Okay, I know that this Lat-Type Miku coming from Good Smile Company is really young looking. Like, fourteen years old kind of young looking. Still, I really like it, and it's one of the few Miku figures that I saw and said "b...
May 13 // Colette Bennett

Custom Delights: Carson Catlin's runny dunny series

We gave you your first look at Carson Catlin's bold customs last month, and they've stuck in my mind ever since. Today he shared a new gallery of work with us, with one exciting new piece of news: it's all for sale! You can s...
May 13 // Colette Bennett

Yamato announces pre-orders for Luis Royo's Ritual

We have gotten a closer look at several selections from Yamato's Fantasy Figure line in the past, including Touch of Ice (reviewed) and Black Tinkerbell (reviewed). We've just received the first shots of the newest ...
May 13 // Colette Bennett

You're going to want all this 25th Anniversary Dragon Quest stuff

I'm a total sucker for anything with that happy blue slime. Well, that and I've been playing Dragon Quest games since I was a wee girl. Since it's the 25th anniversary of the game, what better reason is there to release a bun...
May 12 // Colette Bennett

WINNERS ANNOUNCED: Ask Kuro a question and win free Camilla d'Errico stuff!

Winners have been chosen! Grand Prize: Sugertose2nd Prize: Kaggen3rd Prize: Drew Winners and runners up will contacted directly by mail today! Thanks for participating everyone ... we'll be back with another great contest tom...

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