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Kyle Martinak . Sep 18

Neatoshop offers Beast of Arrrggghhh plush hat (and there was much rejoicing)

Without a doubt, the animated segments of Monty Python and the Search for the Holy Grail were the most surreal and crazy thing I saw as a kid. They were also a handy way for the film's budget to be trimmed down. Because of th...   0

Kyle Martinak . Sep 18

Hasbro expands the Marvel universe with Wave 15

As much as I love budget-busting 12" behemoths (they are the real conversation pieces of my home collections), there's something utilitarian about 3 and 3/4" buggers. They are cheaper, easier to store (or hide if you have to)...   0

Kyle Martinak . Sep 10

Sideshow and Medicom have a bad motivator for you

We should never forget the heroic droid R5-D4, who went, "Pop! Fwizzz!" and stopped moving. If it weren't for his bad motivator, R2-D2 would never have gotten those Death Star plans to the Rebel Alliance. In honor of poor R5,...   0

Kyle Martinak . Sep 02

Hot Toys brings the old-school smiles with a Nicholson Joker

The main feature of  The Dark Knight that everyone fell in love with was the new psychotic Joker, played with genuine talent by Heath Ledger. Though I loved the performance, I felt betrayed by the young whippersnappers w...   0

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