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Oct 09 // Chang Su

Tomopop Review: Max Factory's Megurine Luka (Tony ver.)

When the word "Vocaloid" is mentioned, most people associate it with Hatsune Miku, a name that we figure fans are all too familiar with. With the endless green tide of merchandising, the other members of the Vocaloid family o...
Sep 12 // Chang Su

Get the right angles on Phat's Bayonetta in this gallery

Did you look at Phat's Bayonetta and think to yourself "Gee, I sure wish there was a better view of her crotch"? If so, then Mikatan's got you covered in her latest preview. I'll let the pictures do most of the talking, but w...
Aug 31 // Chang Su

Pop Culture Shock's Sagat truly is the king

Sometimes, a figure is able to catch my eye despite being completely out of my area of interest. I am deplorably bad at Street Fighter; I distinctly remember popping out my disk of SSFIV and trading it in ...
Aug 23 // Chang Su

MegaHouse's Rider aims to conquer your wallet

Confession time: I have an unhealthy obsession for Rider from Fate/Zero. While virtually everyone else who's watched the series seems to like him, I liked him to enough to watch his scenes in the anime over and over...
Aug 22 // Chang Su

The next Angelic Island IM@S girls are...Yayoi & Hibiki!

Between up & coming figure makers and well-established companies, Kotobukiya has no shortage of competition in the figure world these days, but when it comes to the Idolm@ster girls, I prefer their Angelic Island series. ...
Aug 17 // Chang Su

Pre-order a(nother) swimsuit Takamachi Nanoha

Hold the presses, it's a Takamachi Nanoha swimsuit figure!  *crickets* ...Okay, I'll admit that Nanoha has had more beach outings than I can count. But this is the first iteration of the character from as seen in spin-of...
Aug 09 // Chang Su

Kotobukiya's Princess demands your pre-orders

...But will you obey? Kotobukiya's take on Mawaru Penguindrum's Princess of the Crystal certainly sets itself apart from its Good Smile Company and Alter counterparts. Rather than having her look like a penguin-stomping ...
Aug 07 // Chang Su

Make SCIENCE happen with this Nendoroid Hakase

Of the myriad of source materials the Nendoroid line draws from, there are some choices that just don't make a lick of sense (seriously, who thought Queen's Blade Nendos were a good idea?), and then there are the choices...
Aug 03 // Chang Su

Squeeze Griffon's Choun Shiryu into your collection

China dress, qipao, cheongsam -- call it whatever you want, but there's no denying they look bangin' on the right kind of women, especially if they happen to be a size or two too small. Enter Griffon Enterprises' Choun S...
Jul 23 // Chang Su

These Strike Witches figures will blot out the sun

It is a good day to be a Strike Witches fan, because there are more Strike Witches figures in this month's magazine scans than you can shake a stick at. Alter is teasing not one, but two of their 1/8 scale witches this m...
Jul 19 // Chang Su

Let this Sengoku Nadeko slither into your collection

Assuming you don't work for any law-enforcement authorities, if you asked me if I like the sight of a phallic-shaped animal crawling up a girl's leg, I'd say "Yes!" That pretty much sums up what I feel about Kotobukiya's...
Jul 18 // Chang Su

Try something new with Ques Q's Hitagi and Mayoi

Bakemonogatari is popular. Unless you have been living under a rock for the past two years, chances are you've noticed the steady onslaught of figures from this light-novel-turned-anime series. Between the scaled figures...
Jul 14 // Chang Su

Check out this nifty LEGO Gundam

If the internet has taught me anything, it's that you can make anything out of LEGO bricks. But what I've come to realize is that although gigantic LEGO statues are impressive, the greatest feat is to replicate something comp...
Jul 14 // Chang Su

Revoltech Rathalos Swordsmen up for pre-orders

What do you get if you take the recently released Revoltech Rathalos figures, chop them to pieces and strap them onto a man? The answer would be this duo of Revoltech Rathalos swordsmen from Monster Hunter. Considering the fa...
Jul 11 // Chang Su

Brace yourself for more GSC re-releases

After Shiki and Saber Lion, Good Smile Company & Max Factory are back with more re-releases! If you've seen the results of their 10th anniversary poll, then you'll be sure to recognize some of these returning favourites. ...
Jul 07 // Chang Su

Saber is not done with the beach just yet

For many of you, the summer heat has been pretty harsh in recent weeks. Asides from free air conditioning, the best thing to beat the heat is to kick off as much clothes as you can legally get away with and hit the Beach. I g...
Jul 04 // Chang Su

Pre-order a Duke you can bet on

There's a good reason that people were still excited about Duke Nukem Forever even after 15 years. When I think of the word "macho", the first picture that pops into my head is Duke's cigar-chomping mug. He's got pieces ...
Jun 29 // Chang Su

[NSFW] Native's Misae-nee descends for pre-orders

If you pay as much attention to the 18+ side of Comiket as I do, then the name Raito Honjou (or his circle's name "Zettai Shoujo") should be pretty familiar, as well as his H-doujinshi series Mahou Shoujo, which has been arou...
Jun 28 // Chang Su

[NSFW] Sneak an easy peek at Orchid Seed's Chouhi

I like Orchid Seed -- they make clothing-optional figures that don't require me to jump through hoops of fire to acquire. You might remember their impressive display of plastic boobs in February at Wonder Festival, and if you...
Jun 25 // Chang Su

Blast off with the Beach Queens Nate Mitotsudaira

Wave's Beach Queens figures are known for two things: their affordable price point and their small sizes. If you've grown accustomed to the familiar routine of Beach Queens releases, then you'd better clench your teeth, becau...
Jun 20 // Chang Su

Princess of the Crystal goes up for pre-order

Good Smile Company's Princess of the Crystal is upon us, and it looks like she wants a little more than the Penguindrum from you, because a lady of her stature does not come cheap. I gotta say I wasn't expecting the ¥9,33...
Jun 12 // Chang Su

Have an eyeful of this Yaguu Gisen preview

I've always liked character designs of Hyakka Ryouran for their ability to please the crowd and look darn stylish and the same time, so naturally I was happy to see the preview of Yagyuu Gisen appear on Alter's blog. Like&nbs...
Jun 07 // Chang Su

Complete the idol trio with Wave's Futami Ami

Are you a completionist when it comes to figure sets? Does the sight of your Ryuugu Komachi Iori and Azusa rub you the wrong way? If you answered "yes" to both of those questions, then you might be in luck, because Wave ...
Jun 04 // Chang Su

GSC's Princess of the Crystal gets the color treatment

Fans of Mawaru Penguindrum looking for something a bit bigger than a figma or a Nendoroid rejoice, for photos of Good Smile Company's 1/8 scale version of Princess of the Crystal are upon us! Hailing from Moe C...
May 29 // Chang Su

Bunny Charlotte hops onto pre-orders

I have a troubled relationship with Infinite Stratos -- to put it extremely mildly, I wasn't much of a fan. Yet for all my bellyaching, I love Charlotte Dunois, the adorable girl-next-door type lost in a cast of overbearing p...
May 24 // Chang Su

Alter updates Mistral, unveils Accelerator & Gisen

This month's magazine scans brings us goodies we've been expecting from Alter (though some for longer than others). First up is an unpainted prototype of Shining Blade's Mistral Nereis. Before you say "but we've already ...
May 22 // Chang Su

Altair teases Accelerator for MegaHobby Expo

Today must be a good day for fans of male figures -- not only do they have Kotobukiya's Vash to look forward to, Altair has also teased what they have in store at MegaHobby Expo 2012 Spring! Though the teaser consists of only...
May 17 // Chang Su

[UPDATE] GSC's Kyouko is painted and ready to go!

We've been expecting her coming for a while, and now here she is -- Mikatan has posted a preview of the 1/8 scale Sakura Kyouko, completing Good Smile Company's Madoka team (save for ultimate Madoka, of course). Even tho...
May 14 // Chang Su

Pre-order your life away with Yamato's Kneesocks

Isn't it amazing how many figures a couple of brief transformation scenes can inspire? Here comes Yamato's Kneesocks, the sixth PVC figure that's come out of the infamous pole-tastic sequences from Panty & Stocking with G...
May 12 // Chang Su

Take a peek into Menma's clubhouse with this new gallery

I love Anohana -- that show opened a water faucet out of my face. But back when I was watching it, I didn't think it'd be a very figure-friendly show, as it was neither action-oriented nor very parndering. I was glad to have ...
May 10 // Chang Su

Hit the beach once again with QuesQ's Nanoha

We've snuck a peek from Miyazawa Model Exhibition 2012 Spring, and now QuesQ is almost ready to deploy its arsenal of Nanoha love. Admittedly, they're not the first figure maker to throw the loli Nanoha in a swimsuit, but bet...
Dec 07 // Chang Su

Tiger & Barnaby return for more with these new Figuarts

Wild Tiger and Barnaby Brooks Jr. -- girls want them, guys want to be them, and consequently the dynamic duo has felt a lot of merchandising love as of late. Of course, when it comes to merchandising, Bandai (one of the chief...
Dec 01 // Chang Su

Call down the thunder with this Doomhammer replica

Ever wanted to channel the elements and rally the might of the Horde? Well, now you (sort of) can with this LARP replica of Doomhammer, the iconic weapon of former warchief Thrall from the Warcraft franchise, and we...
Nov 22 // Chang Su

Clayz agrees that there's never enough Nanoha

It's been almost two years since the first Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha movie aired in theaters, and by my count there has been no less than seventeen figures of Takamachi Nanoha announced since then (not counting trading figu...
Nov 11 // Chang Su

Think big with this 7-foot-tall papercraft gundam

So you might've seen Bandai's HY2M 1/12 scale Gundam and Char's Zaku II before, and you probably have already seen the 1/1 scale Gundam in Japan, but have you seen an oversized gundam model made of paper? That's right —...
Nov 01 // Chang Su

Riobot Gurren Lagann breaks out for pre-order

It's been over four years since Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann first aired. After Kaiyodo's Revoltech and Bandai's Composite Ver. Ka figure, did you think we've seen the end of Gurren Lagann toys? If...
Oct 27 // Chang Su

Official photos of the 1/144 HGUC Zee Zulu surface

I confess: I couldn’t help but to stifle a giggle when I first saw the Zee Zulu -- I mean come on, it’s a giant robot wearing flippers! But upon closer inspection, this little guy seems like a very nifty HGUC kit....
Oct 25 // Chang Su

Stay on the Kotobukiya Ayase's good side with this new gallery

To a closet-case geek such as myself, OreImo's Aragaki Ayase is the stuff of nightmares. This innocuous-looking girl is the type that would strike you down the great vengeance and furious anger if she so much as catches a gli...
Oct 12 // Chang Su

Ohana is tied up with excitement in this new Nendoroid preview

I confess: I do not collect Nendoroids. The only Nendoroid figure I own is a gift from a friend, and I don't plan on changing that anytime soon. But when I saw at the Nendoroid Matsumae Ohana on Mikantan's blog, it just felt ...
Oct 01 // Chang Su

Saber suits up in this new figma preview

Coinciding with the airing of the Fate/Zero anime series, the figma blog has released a few shots of -- you guessed it -- the Fate/Zero version of Saber! Despite my pathological love for the character, I actually wasn't ...

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