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Chris Pranger . Mar 26

Tomopop Review: S.H. Figuarts Kamen Rider #2

If I were to say that I'm a devoted fan of Kamen Rider, I'd be lying through my teeth. I don't know a single thing about who this guy is and why he's awesome, but I do know at least that much: That he is awesome. I love the S...   0

Chris Pranger . Feb 06

D-Arts has a truly Vile figure for you X fans out there

As with all great things, everything gets better with action figures and then better still when said action figures are given amazing articulation. We've already got a pretty amazing X, and an equally amazing Zero, but when i...   0

Chris Pranger . Feb 02

Playmates reveals new and greatest TMNT figures ever

I got a pretty fun surprise no more than a day ago when I hopped on my Twitter and found someone mentioning that some new Ninja Turtles action figures were on the way. At first I assumed this either meant some new customs or ...   0

Chris Pranger . Jan 25

Toys of Yesterday: TMNT - The Next Mutation

I stick to my word, and so since it is the last Wednesday of January, it is time for another Toys of Yesterday. When we last saw each other, I was talking about Street Sharks and how they were, surprisingly, beyond awesome ac...   0

Chris Pranger . Jan 12

Plush Tanooki Mario costs more than an extra life

I like Mario as much as the next silly Nintendo diehard, particularly anything related to Super Mario 3D Land as it rawked my world pretty hard this past year. Thankfully we're starting to get a glut of merchandise from 3D La...   0

Chris Pranger . Jan 03

Jin Saotome's custom Zero is a force to be reckoned with

Just as promised, Jin is continuing his journey through the Mega Man universe with a new custom. You may have seen his Mega Man custom from about a week ago (which ended up selling at just over US$350 by the way), but the tim...   0

Chris Pranger . Dec 31

5 childhood properties I'd like custom figures of in 2012

You know, 2011 was a pretty great year for custom action figures. Jin Saotome perked my interested early on with his Earthworm Jim, and now thanks to his newest custom Mega Man, I can't stop thinking about other great custom ...   0

Chris Pranger . Dec 28

Toys of Yesterday: Street Sharks

Has it already been a month? Well, last time we were together, I dug up some truly random figures from the Stone Protectors line. At the end of the video there I hinted at what was coming next, claiming that much like Stone P...   0

Chris Pranger . Dec 25

Jin Saotome's custom Mega Man is what the world needs now

Merry Christmas to everyone, and what better way to spread the cheer on a joyous day such as this than with a brand new custom action figure from Jin Saotome, one of my favorite custom figure designers. He's brought us so man...   0

Chris Pranger . Dec 24

Hot Toys' Black Suit Spider-Man is anything but emo

Honestly, I wanted to snag this tip and rip right into the idea of converting Spider-Man 3's black-suited Spider-Man into a Hot Toys action figure, but dang it, maybe it's because of Christmas and maybe it's because of Hot To...   0

Chris Pranger . Dec 16

Boskoes' custom Ganon likes him some variety

I mentioned on one of the last Tomocasts that given the choice, I pretty much want any Nintendo character converted into an action figure. Custom figure maker Boskoes, last seen with a pretty great custom Shredder, has decide...   0

Chris Pranger . Dec 15

DC Direct shows off Wave 2 of their Arkham City figures

Sure sure, it's pretty obvious that Batman is awesome and that Arkham City is one of the best games of the year (probably my Game of the Year at this moment), so it should come as no surprise that the second wave of action fi...   0

Chris Pranger . Dec 13

DO WANT: Tomostaff S.H. Figuarts Dragon Ball suggestions

Last week I got in such a Dragon Ball related frenzy as a result of S.H. Figuarts bringing Trunks stateside and Bluefin Tamashii Nations USA holding a poll asking who we'd like seen converted into a badass action figure next ...   0

Chris Pranger . Dec 10

G Brand's custom Ninja Turtles make me very envious

So by now I've no doubt set up a precedence that if someone takes the time to make a custom Ninja Turtles action figure, I will probably like it. Most recently, that was another custom of the Shredder. Now I'm turning my gaze...   0

Chris Pranger . Dec 07

10 Dragon Ball characters I want as S.H. Figuarts

Just last week, Bluefin Tamashii Nations USA held a poll asking which Dragon Ball character you'd like to see turned into an S.H. Figuarts action figure next, with Perfect Cell leading the pack so far ahead that it appears he...   0

Chris Pranger . Dec 06

Boskoes' custom Shredder again makes me want more TMNT

At this point, who doesn't love some custom Ninja Turtles action figures? I know that I'm no stranger to the obsession, including the Shredder here, but well, here we are again with another awesome figure to showcase why my c...   0

Chris Pranger . Dec 01

The Mask and Asmus Toys want to spread the Christmas joy

You can never really start the Christmas season early enough, right? Well, Asmus Toys certainly believes that's true, and in a very odd turn of events, they've begun offering what I may just nominate as Most Obscure Mash-up E...   0

Chris Pranger . Dec 01

Which Dragon Ball character should get a new figure next?

I'm really digging the recent batch of S.H. Figuarts Dragon Ball Z figures such as (the sadly delayed) Super Saiyan Vegeta and now Trunks, but while I've been daydreaming what should come next, Bluefin Tamashii Nations USA is...   0

Chris Pranger . Nov 30

Toys of Yesterday: Stone Protectors

Greetings, fellow classic toy enthusiasts! As you may have noticed, I have been AFK for the better part of November. Well, despite my hectic life, I've managed to come back for the last Wednesday of the month and bring to you...   0

Chris Pranger . Nov 03

Jin Saotome's custom-built Pyre figure is worth your time and money

Yes, I am a fan of Jin Saotome. I am extremely biased on this, as not only does he make absolutely Top Shelf toys, he sometimes shares them with me. More of you should be following his example! And I don't just mean by giving...   0

Chris Pranger . Oct 31

The Cat in the Hat makes a great plush for a rainy day

It seems like just the other day that I talked on in rhyme about ThinkGeek's plush Grinch, so what good timing that I'm here again, but this time with a feline with a chapeau. Yes, ThinkGeek is bringing us the star of such bo...   0

Chris Pranger . Oct 28

Mr. Potato Head is getting mashed up with cartoon characters for all sorts of horror

I like Mr. Potato Head as much as the next kid. I had my very own spud when I was little, and then when Toy Story saw his resurgence I became infatuated all over again. Now that the trend has decidedly shifted toward fusing M...   0

Chris Pranger . Oct 27

Sideshow wants to excite you Cryptozoologists out there with proof of Bigfoot

I may not believe in a lot of those fantastical creatures, such as the Loch Ness Monster or Lindsey Lohan, but I'll admit, I have an affinity toward Bigfoot. I mean, we share a lot of the same qualities, what with us both bei...   0

Chris Pranger . Oct 26

Toys of Yesterday: Playmates' Dick Tracy action figures

Hello and welcome to the last Wednesday of the month! I've had a lot of fun doing the occasional Show and Tell feature, but the standard trend had me talking about toys that were, how shall I say, old. As a result, we decided...   0

Chris Pranger . Oct 26

Speedlee's custom Leonardo has me seriously considering a commission piece

Hey, didn't I just talk about a custom TMNT action figure? Specifically the Shredder? Why yes I did, but I didn't feel like sitting on my hands and waiting for another custom Turtles tip to just fall in my lap. No sir, I got ...   0

Chris Pranger . Oct 24

Pack Rat Studios' custom Shredder has me craving turtle soup

So then, I'm a huge Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fanboy, and as such, I go absolutely crazy whenever any custom piece pops up. However, I feel like it's been a while since I was able to go all cowabunga crazy over something T...   0

Chris Pranger . Oct 23

Darth Maul seeks his vegeance in this Sideshow Exclusive statue

I, much like Rio, love Darth Maul. She mentioned it just last week. I mentioned it a few months ago (and still haven't recovered from the amount of money talked about there). I have reason to mention it again with an extremel...   0

Chris Pranger . Oct 23

Sideshow lets Yoda demonstrate the Force without CGI

One of the reasons the newest Star Wars movies lost me rests on the way Yoda is portrayed. Suddenly he went from being a physical creature with a lot of mystery and a strong personal connection to a cool video game cutscene. ...   0

Chris Pranger . Oct 22

Kodykoala makes me rethink zombies yet again with a Game Boy of all things

Zombies are so dead, if you'll pardon the obvious pun. I said as much at the beginning of the month with Kodykoala's revisitation of his Zombie Luigi, and darn it did I believe that'd be the end of the zombie hordes. Well it'...   0

Chris Pranger . Oct 21

The Grinch in plush form is just begging for a hug

Years ago, when I was but a wee lad, I loved not one single person, not even my dad. My parents were pushed to the end of their wits, and my heart, I'm sorry to say, was quite on the fritz. But then on it came, on the TV one ...   0

Chris Pranger . Oct 19

My heart melts for nerdJERK's custom creations

Contrary to popular belief, my soul has not withered up and died just yet and is in fact very receptive to the cutesie and cuddly that sometimes appears in our bleak and unbearable world. Case in point, nerdJERK's custom croc...   0

Chris Pranger . Oct 18

Sideshow teases me with concepts of a Ringwraith statue, I think

I like guessing games as well as the next man/sex machine from the future, so when I got a good look at this little Lord of the Rings "Production Peek" from Sideshow Collectibles, I was perfectly peachy to sit back, watch the...   0

Chris Pranger . Oct 14

I don't have to know anything about Star Wars to think this figure is cool

So I like Star Wars as much as anyone else, but I don't for the life of me know who Commander Bacara is. I know of Commander-in-Chief Barack Obama, but I don't believe he was in the Star Wars movies (maybe Episode I). Sorry, ...   0

Chris Pranger . Oct 14

Rockstar has finally convinced me to care about GTA III's main protagonist

Things I don't like: Haters, Lobsters, Heatwaves, Comcast, Politics, GTA III. Things I do like: Cats, Kittens, Kitties, Futurama, Beggin' Strips, Badass Action Figures. Apparently my love of action figures has overpowered my ...   0

Chris Pranger . Oct 10

Sideshow Collectibles and ThreeA are now partnered up for your convenience

This will either be great news for you or very awful, but I suppose that's just the sort of thing to expect on a Monday, right? Sideshow Collectibles, best known for all of those high-priced things that I can never afford, ha...   0

Chris Pranger . Oct 08

Triad Toys wishes to teach you the origin of the Shaolin martial arts

Hot damn, sometimes I just feel like a simple ass-whooping and few things can satisfy that need faster than tossing a handful of Shaolin monks into a bad situation. Therefore, what better way to get right to the core of the S...   0

Chris Pranger . Oct 07

Sideshow has a Crimson Guard action figure only about thirty years too late

I'll admit, I enjoyed G.I. Joes here and there when I came across them, as is evident by my first Show & Tell video from way back when. However I was never quite into the 12" dolls as I simply couldn't enjoy figures that ...   0

Chris Pranger . Oct 03

Kodykoala wants to revisit the zombie motif with another Zombie Luigi

It is impossible to escape both zombies and apparently Kodykoala as they will track you down and, presumably, eat your brain (citation needed). Coming fresh off launching a dedicated store for his custom pieces, Mr. KK is off...   0

Chris Pranger . Oct 03

Link becomes the Hero of Snuggles with this adorable plush

My love of the Zelda series is a powerful force, so all anyone would need to do to completely control my actions is invent some sort of cuddly, loveable version of Link and then put it at a price I could reasonably afford. Oh...   0

Chris Pranger . Sep 24

Hot Toys' Iron Monger is a business man, so bring your wallet

Oh Hot Toys, why do you tempt me so with excellent action figures that are so far out of my price range? Well, being Hot Toys, they wouldn't be content with just making high-quality action figures that cost more than my weekl...   0

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