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Feb 09 // Jon Wills

Wonder Festival 2014 Winter: GSC's Nendo Miss Monochrome

Remember back in October there was an announcement of a Miss Monochrome Nendoroid? Well the first photos of her monochromatic prototype showed up at Wonfes, and while she is not much to look at yet it is exciting to see that ...
Jan 12 // Jon Wills

Check out Max Factory's figma Amy

Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet was a very popular anime last year, so it was no surprise that Max Factory made a figma of the leading lady Amy. Sure, it's been a while since she was shown off at Wonfes, and yes pre-or...
Jan 09 // Jon Wills

[NSFW] Pre-order Orca Toy's 1/6th scale Last Order

Japan can be kind of crazy sometimes. No matter how many years pass, what they make never ceases to amuse and occasionally disturb me. Such is the case with Orca Seed's 1/6th scale Last Order, from the To-Aru series who is no...
Jan 09 // Jon Wills

Check out GSC's Nendoroid Eren

As they tend to do, Akibahobby recently got their hands on a sample of Good Smile Company's Nendoroid Eren and posted some good preview images of him up on their blog. Sure, we saw the stock photos back when pre-orders became...
Dec 29 // Jon Wills

Preview Kotobukiya's Colette Brunel

Akiba Hobby recently got their hands on a prototype of Kotobukiya's Colette Brunel. As a Tales fan, I really appreciate getting to look at Colette from angles and I am able to appreciate the craftsmanship that Kotobukiya put ...
Dec 27 // Jon Wills

Kotobukiya shows a prototype of Yaya from UMD

It's unfortunate that there have not been many figurines made based on new and currently airing anime this season. Sure we saw several Naruto figurines and Fairy Tail as well as other more major franchises that were great to ...
Dec 23 // Jon Wills

Preview Griffon's Tony Taka Shannon

It's been a little over a month since pre-orders opened for Griffon's Shannon. Much to our surprise, she was due to be released at the end of January, which is a pretty short production cycle for any figurine. Still Akibahobb...
Dec 22 // Jon Wills

Preview MegaHouse's G.E.M. Utena

Revolutionary Girl Utena was one of the first long running anime that I watched when I was younger. Looking back it dealt with some pretty mature concepts and was likely the first show that I saw that had some shoujo ai in it...
Dec 18 // Jon Wills

Preview GSC's Nendoroid Tsukiko before she ships out!

Have you ever seen a figurine announced for pre-order but the stock images really did not interest you? This happens to me quite often, so it did not surprise me when Kahotan recently blogged about Nendoroid Tsukiko Tsut...
Dec 05 // Jon Wills

Kahotan shows off Akane one more time before she ships!

If you pre-ordered or just generally liked Good Smile Company's 1/8-scale Akane who hails from Vividred Operation, then you may want to check out Kahotan's latest blog showing her off. The most useful bits of her post co...
Dec 05 // Jon Wills

Nendoroid More Pajamas finally get displayed on bodies

I was pleased when GSC first announced Nendoroid More Pajamas back in September. It feels like it has been longer since then but really it has just been around two months. After much teasing GSC is finally showing off on...
Dec 04 // Jon Wills

Preview Kaitendo's Homura from Senran Kagura

Do you like ninja girls flying through the air swinging katars, swords and everything else around? Who doesn't? If you do then you should check out Kaitendo's latest sculpt of Homura from the bazonga-filled anime series Senra...
Dec 04 // Jon Wills

Preview Alisa from God Eater

Alisa looked hot when pre-orders were first announced. Over a month has passed and she still looks hot! This is what happens when a company like AlphaMax who I think are very good at making quality swimsuit figurine...
Dec 03 // Jon Wills

Griffon's Kirino can't be this cute in a swimsuit!

Remember that lovely, but showy swimsuit figure of Griffon's Kirino that showed up for pre-orders earlier this month? Akibahobby recently got their hands on her and posted a preview gallery on their blog. At a casual glance K...
Nov 30 // Jon Wills

Preview Kotobukiya's Kuroneko, Sweet Lolita version

Kuroneko has been getting a lot of love in the figurine world lately. It's about darn time that someone cared for her too! Next month Kotobukiya is releasing this sweet lolita dressed kitten girl to the masses. However if you...
Nov 30 // Jon Wills

Preview Kotobukiya's Kuroneko Cu-Poche

Back in October pre-orders became available for Cu-Poche Kuroneko. Many of us were pleased with the stock factory images of her, but AmiAmi's English blog did a review of their own with some pretty nice photos to compliment t...
Nov 26 // Jon Wills

Pre-order FREEings Silica from Sword Art Online

Sword Art Online is a pretty popular franchise, so it is not surprising to me when a company makes a figurine of Asuna, or even Leafa, however when a collectible is made of a supporting character like Silica by a larger compa...
Nov 25 // Jon Wills

Check out these three Idol Master Beach Queens

It's been about a month since Wave's trio of Idol Master Beach Queens beauties became available for pre-order. As expected, Akibahobby recently got their hands on a sample of these three ladies, Miki, Azusa, and Takane a...
Nov 25 // Jon Wills

Kitan club makes amusing earplug capsule toys

Have you ever wanted to wear an anime character in your ear? Well, if you are like me then the thought would never cross your mind, at least until you saw these capsule toys made by Kitan. Kitan made sets of ear plugs that fe...
Nov 22 // Jon Wills

Tomopop Review: Alter's Raven

Do you ever look at your collection and wish you had a couple more guys around in it? Well, if you do and you like the Tales of series, or JRPG's in general then you owe it to yourself to check out Alter's fantastic line of p...
Nov 18 // Jon Wills

Preview Tony Taka's 1/6th scale Daisy by Kotobukiya

I, like many collectors wanted to buy Tony Taka's Daisy as soon as I saw the first unpainted prototype photos of her. Soon after some painted photos showed up on Kotobukiya's blog, then she became available for...
Nov 17 // Jon Wills

Preview Aquamarine's Gumi Extend

Akibahobby recently posted photos on their blog that they took of Aquamarine's Gumi Extend. While I find this version of Gumi to be bright and eye catching I can't help myself but to sigh and wish that a company were to pull ...
Nov 14 // Jon Wills

Kotobukiya's Leafa flies to pre-orders!

We've seen lots of different sculpts of the fairy Leafa from Sword Art Online. In no particular order there was Wing's, Griffon's, Penguin Parade's and of course this one by Kotobukiya. My instinct tells me that I a...
Nov 13 // Jon Wills

Pre-order X-Plus' Wendy Marvell from Fairy Tail

Yay! A company finally got around to making a figurine of Wendy from Fairy Tail. If you are a fan of the show, cat girls, or swimsuit figures, you really should check out their sculpt of Wendy Marvell. Despite a few obvious s...
Nov 12 // Jon Wills

Pre-Order GSC's Nendoroid Female Hunter, Kirin Edition

[Update: Pre-order information below] Good Smile Company has been on a Monster Hunter kick of late with their excellent Lagombi huntress. I am pretty happy about it because they have produced some very high quality Nendoroids...
Nov 11 // Jon Wills

Pre-order Daiki Kogyo's Mio Kisaki

Have you seen any of this seasons bazoonga filled horseback jousting series Walkure Romanze? I find the fan service to be a little bit excessive but I am watching it over at Crunchyroll from time to time. If you are watching ...
Nov 10 // Jon Wills

Check out and see how to safely display Alter's Suzuha

Emily just posted a preview gallery to Alter's Suzuha, but I wanted to go a bit more in-depth. You see, Alter's primary intent with their photos was not just to show off their figure but really to show some nice closeups as to how Suzuha should be poised on her bike for long term display. Hit the jump or check out the gallery to see more of how to assemble Alter's Suzuha Amane. Via Alter's blog
Nov 09 // Jon Wills

What happened to X Figure anyway?

Have you ever seen a collectible announced and developed but then never saw much more of it? Sometimes it's just a concept and sometimes we see fully painted and functional prototypes of a toy that we want but never get a cha...
Nov 05 // Jon Wills

[Under the Radar] Check out Sentinel's Riobot Jehuty

AmiAmi's blog recently posted some new photos of Sentinel's Jehuty from the popular mecha space fighting game Zone of the Enders. It has been a while since we last saw it. Actually, he kind of slipped under our radar for...
Nov 05 // Jon Wills

[Sorta NSFW] Alter previews its Santa Sonico

Late last month we caught a quick glimpse of Alter's Santa Sonico, but we really didn't get many good photos showing off the details of her sculpt. Alter apparently sought to remedy this issue and posted a nice splash of pret...
Nov 04 // Jon Wills

Check out Maria's fruity papercrafts

Usually we report on figurines and collectibles, but every once in a while an appetizing papercraft crosses our path. The latest is Maria Laura Benavente Sovieri's papercraft fruit and vegetable set. Each piece of fruit ...
Nov 04 // Jon Wills

Preview Alter's Miu Takanashi right Meow!

If you are like me and passed on watching Listen to me, Girls, I'm Your Father!, which can be streamed over at Crunchyroll, then you might think that you have little to no interest in Alter's Miu Takanashi. Still, before maki...
Oct 31 // Jon Wills

ALTAiR provides Raven assembly instructions

Hey all! I'm sure you were as surprised as me, but ALTAiR's Raven has actually shipped out! To tide us over and get us ready for his arrival ALTAiR kindly published an article on how to safely assemble the "Old Man" Raven. Hit the jump If you want to see the details and sneak a few early peeks at your incoming Raven figurine! 
Oct 31 // Jon Wills

Nendoroid More Pajama unpainted porotypes appear!

Hey everyone, it's late! Are you wearing your pajamas right now? If you are or if you like characters in pajamas then you should check out these new images of Nendoroid More Pajama outfits. We've seen these mentioned before, ...
Oct 29 // Jon Wills

Check out Griffon's Himawari

Akibahobby recently got their hands on a review sample of Griffon's Himawari from Vividred Operation. If you have not seen Vividred and you enjoyed Strike Witches, then I heartily recommend you head over to Crunchyr...
Oct 28 // Jon Wills

[NSFW] Pre-order Aizu Project's Goto Matabe

I'm not a huge fan of ecchi, fan service oriented shows but every once in a while I get in the mood for one and end up enjoying it. Such was the case with Samurai Bride, which you can watch over at Crunchyroll by the way. One...
Oct 27 // Jon Wills

[Kinda NSFW] Pre-order Lechery's Pirate Girl Kiki

Do you like the idea of girl pirates? Preferably ones in showier outfits? Well if you said yes then you should check out Lechery's sculpt of Pirate Girl Kiki which they recently made available for pre-order. I think that Kiki...
Oct 22 // Jon Wills

Pre-order Wave's Fantastic IdolMaster Beach Queens DX Set

I have long been a fan of The IdolMaster animated series (which you can watch over at Crunchyroll by the way). So when I saw that Wave had unleashed version 2.0 sculpts of Miki, Azusa and Takane, all at the same time, I did a...
Oct 22 // Jon Wills

Pre-order Kotobukiya's Colette Brunel

Hey fellow Tales fans out there! Kotobukiya just announced that pre-orders are available for their adorable Colette Brunel, who comes hailing from Tales of Symphonia. She would be a perfect figurine to accompany Alter's ...
Oct 21 // Jon Wills

Pre-order Attack on Titan's Eren Yeager Nendoroid

Attention fans of Attack on Titan! Eren Yeager's Nendoroid is now available for pre-order. I imagine Eren will sell out very quickly, so if you want one of these, you should head on down to the pre-order links and reserv...

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