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Crystal White . May 09

A wonderful typewriter bust by Jeremy Mayer

Jeremy Mayer does amazing a slightly unconventional manner. Mayer creates his works of art by using reassembled and repurposed typewriter parts, creating a mechanical and almost stempunk-esque look. Mayer's latest ...   0

Crystal White . May 07

Take a look at this ovary plush: yes, this is a thing

The world of toys often leaves me confounded. This is one of those times. Apparently the NeatoShop decided it was a good idea to make an Ovary Plush. It's definitely cute and in appropriately feminine colors, and is certainly...   0

Crystal White . May 06

Licensing alert: NECA snags Evil Dead!

Classic horror fans get ready! NECA has announced via their official Twitter that they have managed to get a hold of the license for Evil Dead. Yes, that's right. All the Ash-wielding-a-chainsaw action you could want! Of cour...   0

Crystal White . May 05

Check out this Rose Vampire custom by Motobot

This new custom is a Rose Vampire by Motorbot, and I'm totally loving this concept! This custom has the body of a rose's stem and the head of a rose's petals, but don't let that fool you into thinking this flower is sweet! Ro...   0

Crystal White . May 03

Rare Cloverfield figure on sale now!

Does it seem strange to just now hear about a Clovefield figure? Well there's good reason for that! The figure was originally only sold in a short run in late 2008-early 2009, and was not seen again with the exception of...   0

Crystal White . Apr 30

Bitsumo teaser images from DaiBot

Check out this teaser image for the new designer figure "Bitsumo" from DaiBot. DaiBot is a jack-of-all-trades in the creative industry, having done work ranging from animation, illustration, and now figure design. And let me ...   0

Crystal White . Apr 30

Minimates makes Halo...cute?

New images have arrived from the Minimates line! DST's newest addition, the Halo Warthog has been revealed and will be a Toys R Us exclusive. The Warthog will include a rotating gun turret and space for three Minimates f...   0

Crystal White . Apr 28

NECA reveals upcoming Gremlin images

NECA has just released images of their upcoming Gremlins line, featuring the gremlin Mohawk while still in his reasonably cute and furry mogwai form. This little guy is set to have articulated eyes and ears, as well as a...   0

Crystal White . Apr 27

TMNT Shredder pre-order information is here!

Check out this amazing Shredder of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fame from Sideshow! I've never seen this villain look more imposing, but I'm already in love with this statue. The only way to pre-order Shredder is through...   0

Crystal White . Apr 25

Anime Boston '11: Dealer's room gallery

Hey all, I'm back from Anime Boston and Colette asked me to put together a small gallery of some of the samplings available in the dealer's room. I won't kid you, the dealer's room at AB is pretty small for a convention, and ...   0

Crystal White . Apr 22

MOTUC The Faceless One coming soon!

Another addition to the Masters of the Universe Classics line has been announced, and fans will be glad to know that it is The Faceless One (which I think is funny because he definitely seems to have a "face" of sorts.) Like ...   0

Crystal White . Apr 21

More of Neca's great new Terminator line

A little while ago, I told you about Neca's new 7" Terminator action figure line, which looked really impressive from my first impression of the three figures the company had revealed. Again, Neca doesn't fail to deliver...   0

Crystal White . Apr 20

Let Doctor Who wake you up

But just how is everyone's favorite Doctor going to get you out of bed? With a Doctor Who alarm clock, obviously! The NeatoShop has a sweet retro analog alarm clock ready for any Doctor Who fan, featuring Amy Ponds ...   0

Crystal White . Apr 19

18" Frankenstein figure by Diamond Select is scary stuff!

Diamond Select has revealed its latest addition, with a wonderfully scary and accurate 18" tall Frankenstein! This big guy is based off of the classic movies, and looks more frightening than ever and features over twenty-six ...   0

Crystal White . Apr 18

New Mario keychains arrive in Japan

Japan has two new Mario keychains, featuring Mario himself, as well as his trusted, Yoshi. Both keychains were released by Morimoto Sangyo and cost US$3.10 each, which is a pretty reasonable price f...   0

Crystal White . Apr 17

Quantum Mechanix Star Trek items for cheap!

Quantum Mechanix has a bunch of Star Trek prop replicas available on sale for really cheap on Entertainment Earth! Notably, Quantum Mechanix is currently offered several Starfleet insignias, including command, science, e...   0

Crystal White . Apr 16

Colorful Fourth Doctor Maxi Bust

The Fourth Doctor? That could only mean one thing, Doctor Who! Titan Merchandise presents a wonderful mini bust of The Fourth Doctor, bearing the likeness of actor Tom Baker with that signature curly hair and his flamboyantly...   0

Crystal White . Apr 14

Video: How to strip a Dunny

No, it's not quite what you're thinking. I'm talking about stripping as in, taking paint off of a surface, of course. This video is a really great sped up, step-by-step process for how to strip the paint of a Dunny and then s...   0

Crystal White . Apr 13

Cartoony custom Donkey Kong by Okkle

Check out this custom Donkey Kong figure, named Bonga Konga, part of Touma's Little Trickers series by Okkle. This little guy has a lot of personality for only a 3" figure! I really love the guy's playful grin, and crazy disp...   0

Crystal White . Apr 08

Pre-order the battle damaged classic Predator mask!

This Predator mask is totally realistic and definitely looks like it's seen some tough battles! This prop replica is based on the mask from the 2010 Predator installment and weighs a hefty 18 lbs. and measures 15" high! ...   0

Crystal White . Apr 06

DC Universe Lex Luthor brings back the old school

On April 15, a new addition will be joining the ranks of the DC Universe DC Superman: The Movie line, and that character is none other than Lex Luthor himself. This figure stands at 12" tall, and comes with three different ha...   0

Crystal White . Apr 05

Take a look at this Rusty Mecha Munny by TazX

Munny customs come in all shapes and sizes, and the creativity of these customs never ceases to amaze me. This Munny custom, entitled the "Rusty Mecha" Munny by TazX is great. TazX created this custom for the Munnyworld Megac...   0

Crystal White . Apr 04

Energize! Star Trek replica phaser ready to pre-order

Time to go where no one has gone before...and...uh...nerd out by pre-ordering a replica Star Trek phaser! Okay, so probably plenty of people have gone there before, but still, I want this. A lot. Please, please. My inner...   0

Crystal White . Apr 03

Colorful colored pencil Munny by Catherine J. Cruz

Everyone knows you can use literally limitless amounts of materials when creating a custom Munny, but who knew that colored pencils would work on that vinyl surface? I certainly didn't. Artist and illustrator Catherine J. Cru...   0

Crystal White . Apr 01

NSFW: Need a pillow you can grope? Breast pillow is the best of both worlds!

Everyone's laid their head on a pair of boobs in their day, and if you say you haven't--you're lying. It's comforting, probably sexy (depending on context) and definitely squishy. What's not to like? But what about those time...   0

Crystal White . Mar 31

Get a first look at Neca's new Terminator line!

Neca has recently released images of the first figures coming from it's new Terminator line. Each figure stands at 7" tall, which was quite surprising to me. I couldn't believe these figures were only that tall, because ...   0

Crystal White . Mar 30

Got road rage? Get the Darth Vader talking dashboard driver!

You've been there. You're in heavy traffic, and some idiot cuts you off. You swear and rage in your car, but it's not like anyone hears you but your own passengers, and then suddenly the efficacy of your shouts diminishes and...   0

Crystal White . Mar 28

Get ready to pre-order Star Wars Vintage Wave 7

I'm completely gushing over Hasbro's vintage Star Wars series. For anyone who was a collector of the classic action figures from the 70s-80s, this series will certainly bring back the memories. Each of the figures uses a...   0

Crystal White . Mar 25

Steampunk Dorothy is a classy lady

The site, Guild of Harmony, has a lot of awesome artists, and a ton of sweet custom pieces. One particular artist by the name of Sebastian was asked to create a new piece for AUSCON 2011, held in Brisbane, Australia. The idea...   0

Crystal White . Mar 23

Check out this Darth Reven mini bust!

So I know you're all super psyched for Darth, who? In case you didn't know, Darth Reven is a Sith Lord/Jedi Knight double agent from the popular Knights of the Old Republic video. Personally, I've never...   0

Crystal White . Mar 22

Check out these awesome fan made Transformers sculptures!

A lot of customs tend to rely on a blank canvas type of toy that is then manipulated into looking like whatever the creator wants. In this instance, these customs are completely entirely from scratch, and wow are they impress...   0

Crystal White . Mar 21

So cute and so evil, My First Cthulhu ready to pre-order

What better way to expose your child to Lovecraftian horrors than with My First Cthulhu? Cthulhu's plush incarnation looks totally adorable and just begs for you to stare into his eyes and spiral downward into madness! Oh, an...   0

Crystal White . Mar 18

G.I. Joe General Hawk starts pre-orders now!

G.I. Joe's General Hawk is certainly an imposing figure, battle hardened but always willing to watch out for the troops! To go along with the military honor inherent in this character, Sideshow Collectibles has spared no deta...   0

Crystal White . Mar 17

Hadouken! Super Street Fighter IV Ryu statue ready to pre-order

Check out this Super Street Fighter IV Ryu statue! This statue definitely screams fighting spririt, with Ryu in power up stance, flames surrounding him. The detail in Ryu's sculpt is really immaculate from what I can see...   0

Crystal White . Mar 17

Abell Octovan's Lord on Board custom is ready to chill

Abell Octovan's custom Darth Vader, "Lord on Board" sculpt is totally rad and super chilled out. This Vader custom is Octovan's follow up to his previously released "Lord on Vacation" version of the dark lord. While last time...   0

Crystal White . Mar 16

Super scary Batman Vampire mini statue ready to pre-order!

Check out this nightmare fuel Batman Vampire mini statue. This thing is the Batman born of horrible hallucinations and some of Scarecrow's poison, I bet. Actually, this Batman statue is based on the undead Batman from titles ...   0

Crystal White . Mar 14

ThunderCats Jaga statue ready to pre-order

There's been such a ThunderCats craze this year, so it's no surprise that there's even more merchandise to pre-order! This time we've got a sweet little statue of Jaga, the elderly guardian of the ThunderCats. Jaga's sculpt i...   0

Crystal White . Mar 11

Take a look at this Namaste Buddha Munny by Teimaru

Customs artist Terimaru has created quite the serene little Buddha Munny custom, and I'm absolutely in love with it! The Munny has a great textured gold/bronze color, reminiscent of many Buddha statues. The simple expression ...   0

Crystal White . Mar 10

Arkham City Batman and Two Face combo ready to pre-order

Anyone here love the Arkham Asylum video game that came out awhile ago? Are you looking forward to its sequel, Arkham City? If so, this Batman and Two-Face combo pack might just be something you're interested in. Both fi...   0

Crystal White . Mar 09

Striking Joker custom by Jon Paul Kaiser

Yet again, Jon Paul Kaiser presents us with another wonderful custom piece! This time, Kaiser uses a Billy Bronze figure, originally by Sam Flores, to create a unique version of The Joker from The Dark Knight. What's that? Yo...   0

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