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Dec 05 // Jackie Zysk

Tomopop Review: figma Append Miku by Max Factory

Way back when the garage kit/soon to be PVC statue of Append Miku was teased, I admit I was torn. While I was absolutely in love with the more robotic, modern take on our favorite software mascot, the face threw me off. I'm p...
Nov 16 // Jackie Zysk

ESC-Toy's Mermadi looking snazzy in pink

Only Erick Scarecrow could have me drooling over something so incredibly girly. I mean, it's a mermaid, and it's pink. Really pink. But we all know how much I fawned over the original Mermadi, so my adoration of the new pink ...
Nov 08 // Jackie Zysk

Uglydolls making their way to Toys 'R' Us stores

We all love Uglydolls right? The soft, colorful characters and derpy expressions never fail to make me, or my friends, smile! Pro tip: Uglydolls make fantastic gifts. However, they haven't been the easiest thing to get your h...
Nov 02 // Jackie Zysk

NYCC 2011: Camilla D'Errico and the Sky Pirates of Neo Terra

While at New York Comic Con, Pedro, Kristina and I decided to stop over to friend of Tomopop, Camilla D'Errico's, booth. Sadly, Ms. D'Errico was sick and unable to attend the convention, but we did receive a huge surprise whi...
Oct 28 // Jackie Zysk

Show and Tell: NYCC Swag

Well, the post-con hype has died down and life has returned to normal for this humble editor. But what was the best part of New York Comic Con for me? Was it the energy? The cosplayers? Being able to meet my favorite artists?...
Oct 25 // Jackie Zysk

NSFW: Queen's Blade and Hyakka Ryouran take it to the beach in these new scans!

I love Queen's Blade, Tomopop. But not for the reason most people do. No, I love the over the top borderline-hentai show for the fantastic character designs. So I always get excited when I see new figures coming out, and boy ...
Oct 25 // Jackie Zysk

Charlotte E Yeager finally joins Strike Witches squad, two years late

No, that headline is not a typo, this Nendoroid was first shown off roughly two years ago. What took her so long? Well, she is being manufactured by Phat! Company, which is notorious for their slow Nendoroid schedule. But eno...
Oct 22 // Jackie Zysk

ESC-Toy pumps us up for Novembers releases

You all know Erick Scarecrow had a lot to show off to us at New York Comic Con last weekend, but now we're finally getting news on when we can get our hands on all these awesome goodies! In there latest newsletter, ESC-Toy sh...
Oct 20 // Jackie Zysk

New Bent World mini figures tempt me with mischief!

Graffiti art is one of those things I think every artist has thought about at one point. When done right it can portray such a powerful message, and at its worse it can be incredibly obnoxious and stupid. But there is really ...
Oct 20 // Jackie Zysk

NYCC 2011: Argonaut Resins

At Tomopop, we were very excited to see all the stuff Eric Nocella Diaz of Argonaut Resins was bringing to New York Comic Con. And boy, did he not disappoint! Besides the beautiful 5 inch Tuttz and 8 inch Pharaoh Hounds, END ...
Oct 18 // Jackie Zysk

NYCC 2011: Kidrobot

I gotta be honest here, I was slightly disappointed by vinyl giant Kidrobot's showing at New York Comic Con this year. With only three exclusives and a meager selling display, it just didn't interest me as much as I thought i...
Oct 18 // Jackie Zysk

NYCC 2011: myplasticheart

We all knew vinyl retailer myplasticheart would be bringing their 'A' game to New York Comic Con this year. In fact, there was so much shown off we didn't even get a chance to cover all of it! Seriously, I was running out of ...
Oct 07 // Jackie Zysk

Even more myplasticheart exlusives? You bet!

Way back when I made the first post about myplasticheart's New York Comic Con exclusives, I didn't expect to see much more. Boy, was I dead wrong, besides the customs they revealed last week, MPH has revealed even MORE exclus...
Oct 06 // Jackie Zysk

NSFW: Kidrobot Black's Lilitu leaves me breathless

I've always been one for minimalist design, which is the reason KidRobot's Black line has been so appealing to me. The simple dark forms often portray more of an art piece then the standard vinyl figure. So of course, when I ...
Oct 05 // Jackie Zysk

Mikatan answers your questions!

Every once and a while, Mikatan does a little Q&A session on her blog with Kuroyagi-san. These little sessions tend to hold great information on upcoming Good Smile Company products as well as some information from the sc...
Oct 05 // Jackie Zysk

Mikatan previews Nendoroid Sena Kashiwazaki

I think most people know by now I tend to dislike school girl figures. Most of the time they come off as bland and samey looking, but every once and a while one comes along that I fall in love with. And boy, the Nendoroid sho...
Oct 03 // Jackie Zysk

Myplasticheart reveals even more goodies for NYCC

Last week I covered the exclusives announced by myplasticheart for New York Comic Con. But boy was I surprised to find that wasn't all they've got in store for this year! Via their blog, MPH showed off some of the customs to ...
Sep 27 // Jackie Zysk

Drink up! Matt JOnes announces new Lunartik cups

I have a confession to make Tomopop, I have an addiction. I'm hopelessly addicted to tea. Doesn't matter what kind, earl grey, green, various herbal teas, I drink it all. Thankfully, Matt JOnes is here to feed my addiction wi...
Sep 27 // Jackie Zysk

ESC-Toy's Black Friday figure teased two months in advance

I'd like to remind everyone it's not even October yet. Despite this, I received a cryptic email teasing ESC-Toy's Black Friday figure the other night. Black Friday has always been a big day for ESC-Toy, and he must have somet...
Sep 27 // Jackie Zysk

Myplastcheart announced Guilty as Charged, more at 11

Last week, we showed off this years New York Comic Con exclusives from myplasticheart. I mentioned at the end of the post MPH teased us with one more exclusive with Shawnimals, called only "Halloween pork mini vinyl." With a ...
Sep 23 // Jackie Zysk

Myplasticheart shows off their exclusives for NYCC

I love myplasticheart. Their little store in New York is always a place I have to go when I visit the city. Being in New York then, you can imagine they'll be bringing their "A" game to the local convention! This week, MPH ha...
Sep 23 // Jackie Zysk

School girls and robots: Hobby Japan reveals this month's figma

I may be eating my words in a few months, but for now, I'm welcoming the rush of figures from Puella Magi Madoka Magica. I really enjoyed the show, and the character designs were so fresh and interesting that I always get exc...
Sep 22 // Jackie Zysk

Kidrobot announces their NYCC exclusives

What's a con without exclusive stuff right? And with New York Comic Con right around the corner, companies are finally starting to reveal all the goodies they've got in store for us this year! Well, okay, I'm lying a bit. Not...
Sep 22 // Jackie Zysk

ESC-Toy spoils and teases us with their new releases

Earlier this week, we brought you the final production images of Uncharted Nathan Drake from ESC-Toy. But you didn't think that was all they had in store for us right? Of course not! ESC-Toy surprised and teased us with some ...
Sep 20 // Jackie Zysk

Toy2R announces Bissy Bear

You all love Bossy Bear, right? Tomopop loves Bossy Bear. But, in a shocking reveal in Toy2R's newsletter today, it turns out everything isn't his. Rather, it's all "hers hers hers." Yes, making her (very pink) debut is Bissy...
Sep 15 // Jackie Zysk

Tokyo Game Show 2011: Sega Prize Figures

I love prize figures, especially the jump in quality they've been having lately. And what's an event without some being shown off, right? Sega certainly brought their "A" game this time, and as a result we've got some very lo...
Sep 15 // Jackie Zysk

Sucklord and bootlegs as an art form

Like in every community, figure collectors don't always agree on things. Our opinions can vary on things from top coats to a face sculpt, but there is one thing we can universally agree upon: bootlegs are bad. Few people can ...
Sep 14 // Jackie Zysk

ESC-Toy's new Crow Crow Bear colorway shoots for the stars

I fan-girl about Erick Scarecrow's work a lot, but I'm not going to let that stop me from gushing about his newest piece! We've raved about Crow Crow Bear before, but this new colorway easily puts the others to shame. And I l...
Sep 13 // Jackie Zysk

Nebulon5's Bug-a-Boo Androids leave me buzzing!

Nebulon5 is a vinyl artist I've had my eye on for a while. I love his color palettes and airbrushing techniques. Unfortunately, his popularity seems to be on the rise, which makes grabbing a piece difficult. So imagine my sur...
Sep 08 // Jackie Zysk

Ever wanted to know how to cast resin? Matt Jones has you covered

One of my favorite things about the vinyl industry is how, essentially, anyone can make their own pieces. Blank figures are available in every shape and size you could possible want, but sometimes you just want a little ...
Sep 08 // Jackie Zysk

Mikatan shows off the new Cheerful Japan Nendoroids

Good Smile Company's Cheerful Japan line has not been without a bit of controversy, from the shipping fiasco to the fact many of the releases seem to just be regular re-releases with pompoms thrown in. Well, the newest a...
Sep 06 // Jackie Zysk

Luke Chueh's White in Black up for pre-order!

A few months ago, it was announced Luke Chueh's Black in White would be getting a new, swapped colorway. This version (reviewed) certainly won our hearts here at Tomopop, but there was one major problem with it: it was at the...
Aug 31 // Jackie Zysk

Super7 shows off their new Big Sal and Foster

I'm not gonna beat around the bush here: I normally really dislike kaiju. While some of the sculpts can be really detailed and interesting, the paint jobs just tend to kill it for me. That being said though, I love Super7's w...
Aug 30 // Jackie Zysk

Great bouncing icebergs! New Pop Rudolph figures coming right in time for Christmas

Funko has grabbed some interesting licenses for their Pop! line of figures. From Disney, to rappers, to cereal mascots. So what's the next logical step for them to take? Why, the classic 1964 stop motion TV special Rudolph th...
Aug 24 // Jackie Zysk

Hobby Japan scans show off some snazzy new figma

To everyone disappointed at the lack of Nendoroids in this month's Hobby Japan, no worries! They make up for it this month with figmas! And boy, do we have an interesting group this month. First up is the one I was personally...
Aug 22 // Jackie Zysk

Now your Append Miku can rock out with these new headphones!

I love it when Max Factory runs their figma accessory promos. My only complaint is they don't do them nearly enough. So imagine my surprise when Max Factory announced on their figma blog that pre-orders of the Append Miku fig...
Aug 19 // Jackie Zysk

ESC-Toy's Mermadi is up for pre-order today!

I have a confession to make. When my kindergarten teacher asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I told her I wanted to be a mermaid. I was, of course, heart broken when I found out it was not possible. But because of t...
Aug 18 // Jackie Zysk

Tokidoki has all your adorable superhero needs covered with this new phonecharm set

Waaay back in March, we brought you news of the new Marvel x Tokidoki collaboration: a set of phone charms based on 20 Marvel characters. Well, now you, too, can have a chibi Wolverine hanging from your phone because they're ...
Aug 17 // Jackie Zysk

Andrew Bell makes me crave coconut with his new O-No Sashimi

Andrew Bell's simple color schemes and unique characters have made me a huge fan for a while now. So you can imagine how excited I was when he announced O-No Sasami (a follow up to last years O-No Sushi) back in May. Hot off ...

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