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Scarecroodle . Nov 23

Time to buy a Castle Grayskull? Matty's 8 Days of Cyber Savings = 50% off + free shipping on orders of US$100+

Have you bought a Castle Grayskull yet? No? Good thing you waited, because you can now get it for US$150 ***WITH*** free shipping! (The only way you could beat those savings would be at a Big Lots!). The savings train doesn't...   0

Scarecroodle . Nov 17

All white! PREVIEWS picks up an exclusive ArtFX+ Magneto

PREVIEWS has announced pre-orders for an exclusive version of Kotobukiya’s MARVEL NOW ArtFX+ Magneto statue in an all-white costume. The figure is a re-deco of the black/gray ArtFX+ Magneto (currently available for pre-...   0

Scarecroodle . Nov 11

Funko folds Vinyl Sugar brand and offerings back into company

Were you ever confused by Vinyl Sugar and how it related to Funko? That won't be a problem for much longer, as Funko has decided to discontinue using the name "Vinyl Sugar" for the brand and will just be promoting the brand's...   0

Scarecroodle . Nov 11

Get into the Christmas season with Warpo's Krampus plush Kickstarter!

Warpo is bringing the seasons greetings with a Kickstarter for a Krampus plush! It even includes a 80s/90s-themed toy commercial! The Krampus is a formerly obscure mythological counterpart to Saint Nicholas (ie, Santa Claus) ...   0

Scarecroodle . Nov 04

Check out a very ducky Cthulhu IndieGoGo campain

Do you like ducks? How about Cthulhu? Douglas Prince combines the best of both worlds with Dthulhu, a "rubber duck" version of Cthulhu and it's available through an IndieGoGo campaign. Whether in the tub or on the shelf, Dthu...   0

Scarecroodle . Oct 28

DST releases official product images for 20 items seen at NYCC

Good news and great news: Diamond Select Toys has released images & details for 20 of the collectibles on display at NYCC... and it includes some Battle Beasts! Regular readers may recall my borderline obsession with DST'...   0

Scarecroodle . Oct 21

Excited for Nightmare Before Christmas Minimates? Here's an overview of what to expect!

Just a day after a director confirmed that yes, Nightmare Before Christmas is a Halloween movie*, Diamond Select Toys' Zach Oat has put together a video showcasing the new Nightmare Before Christmas Minimates. The video expla...   0

Scarecroodle . Oct 20

Under the Radar: Check out the box shots of the Femme Fatales Poison Ivy

For anybody curious about the newly released Femme Fatale Poison Ivy's packaging, DST recently-ish posted some box shots. The packaging features the same basic box design as previous entries (such as Lady Death II (reviewed))...   0

Scarecroodle . Oct 16

DST's Femme Fatales Poison Ivy, Gotham figures, more on sale now

Diamond Select Toys has announced that its latest batch of collectibles just arriving at retail includes the Femme Fatales Poison Ivy,  zombie versions of the Minimate Jay & Silent Bob, Gotham Select figures, and mor...   0

Scarecroodle . Oct 15

NYCC 2015: Hasbro - Star Wars (press images)

Back on Force Friday, Star Wars once again entered retailers in a big way as Hasbro brought back Micro Machines, the Titanium Series, and more. That momentum will be continuing as the company showed off far more items in its ...   0

Scarecroodle . Oct 14

Pop! Voltron is a thing

Funko has released a new image for its upcoming Pop! Voltron, which is due out this December. If you lived in the 80s, you'll probably recall Voltron as being the giant robot "star" of Voltron: Defender of the Universe, a pop...   0

Scarecroodle . Oct 10

Tamashii Nations comes out of its shell! Cartoon TMNT join SH Figuarts line

Say whaaaaaaa? Bandai may have just shocked the world (just a little) by adding the classic cartoon versions of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to the S.H. Figuarts line. Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael, and Michelangelo were s...   0

Scarecroodle . Oct 09

Unpainted LBW Link figma on display at NYCC

A Link Between Worlds (reviewed) has very quickly joined the list of my favorite Legend of Zelda games and, as such, I was happy to learn that he'd join the figma line... and even happier to see a photo of an unpainted protot...   0

Scarecroodle . Oct 08

Some of Funko's NYCC exclusives already available at Hot Topic

NYCC is barely underway but I've already found some of Funko's NYCC exclusives at my local Hot Topic. When stopping at the mall, I was surprised to see Funko's Pop! Iron Throne, Pop! Patina-deco Cthulhu, and Pop! Skeleton Jac...   0

Scarecroodle . Oct 08

Kotobukiya isn't joking! Artwork for 2nd Harley Quinn Bishoujo unveiled

Kotobukiya has unveiled Shunya's artwork for the DC Comics Bishoujo Harley Quinn version 2, based on the character's more risque New-52 appearance. The Clown Princess of Crime is depicted with a version of her iconic mallet s...   0

Scarecroodle . Oct 08

Kotobukiya unveils Bishoujo Spider-Gwen artwork

Kotobukiya has unveiled Shunya's artwork for a Marvel Bishoujo Spider-Gwen (aka the Spider-Woman of Earth-65). Gwen is depicted in a pretty neat -- albeit a little confusing -- action pose where she seems to be readying to we...   0

Scarecroodle . Oct 07

An exclusive worth killing for? Variant Cassie Hack to be sold at NYCC

Do you like the look of Diamond Select Toys' Femme Fatales Cassie Hack? If you liked the sculpt but not the colors (or simply want an extra version), you're in luck: Action Figure Xpress will be selling an exclusive version o...   0

Scarecroodle . Oct 06

Who will sit on the Pop! Iron Throne? A look at Funko's NYCC exclusives

NYCC starts later this week and, while Tomopop won't be making it to the show this year, it doesn't stop us from being excited over this year's exclusives which are nothing short of incredible. Most of the exclusives were sho...   0

Scarecroodle . Sep 29

DST announces NYCC exclusives & panels

Diamond Select Toys has announced its NYCC 2015 plans which include two panels, awesome exclusives, and FREEBIES! The first item that will be on sale at DST's booth (#1644) is an exclusive is a black & white "Almost Got '...   0

Scarecroodle . Sep 23

Fallout 3, Skyrim Legacy figures on the way

Funko has released images of its upcoming Fallout 3 and Skyrim Legacy Collection figures. The Fallout 3 offerings consist of a generic white male version of the Lone Wanderer and an individual in Power Armor (so either Brothe...   0

Scarecroodle . Sep 17

Cassie Hack, more Plants vs Zombies, etc, shipping this week

As we draw nearer to Halloween, Diamond Select Toys has quite a few spooky(ish) items that will be showing up at retail this week. The selection includes the Femme Fatales Cassie Hack (Hack/Slash), a Ghostbusters Slimer pizza...   0

Scarecroodle . Sep 11

Perfect for your Halloween tree: New Nightmare Before Xmas Mystery Minis!

Looking for some coffin-stuffers? Funko has a new series of Nightmare Before Christmas Mystery Minis on the way as well as a Pocket Pop! Vampire Teddy. This marks the second NBC Mystery Minis series we've seen. The new figure...   0

Scarecroodle . Sep 07

DST's Femme Fatales Supergirl & new Minimates on sale now

Diamond Select Toys' latest batch of collectibles may be in your local comic book or specialty store right now. The assortment includes the awesome new Femme Fatales Supergirl (based on her DCAU appearance), the Nightmare Bef...   0

Scarecroodle . Sep 02

YES! Funko shows off new horror and anime Mystery Minis

Funko has released photos of its upcoming Horror Classics Series 2 and Best of Anime Mystery Minis. This new Horror Classics Series is a long-awaited follow-up to Series 1 which graced collectors' shelves around 2 years ago. ...   0

Scarecroodle . Sep 01

You got: Nendoroid Mega Man preview gallery! And pre-orders!

Kahotan has posted a preview gallery for Good Smile Company's upcoming Nendoroid (classic-series) Mega Man and -- SPOILER ALERT! -- he's totally adorable. Oh, and did I mention he's available for pre-order? Nendoroid Mega Man...   0

Scarecroodle . Aug 31

Get your grass or electric Pokemon ready: Bandai has an exclusive Misty figure on the way

Bandai of Japan continues its line of Pokemon gym leaders with a web-exclusive Misty. Although Misty plays a prominent role in the Pokemon anime, in the original games she was just a minor roadblock who you needed to overcome...   0

Scarecroodle . Aug 27

Maleficent (and Stitch) spice up Funko's Fabrikations line

Okay, Funko, you got me. You've released a wide mix of characters in your Fabrikations line so far, including the likes of Greedo, Rocket Racoon, and Jack Skellington, but up until now I haven't thought, "I really want this o...   0

Scarecroodle . Aug 26

Holy halibut, Batman! Vinyl Idolz adds some classic Batman tv show characters to its line

Funko (via its Vinyl Sugar imprint) will be releasing Vinyl Idolz figures based on characters from the popular 1960s Batman tv show. Pre-orders are currently available. The line-up, which is expected to release this October, ...   0

Scarecroodle . Aug 23

ICYMI: Entertainment Weekly runs a puff piece on Funko's Pop! line

It's a little weird to think about how Funko is basically everywhere these days and just about covers everything. This realization has continued to dwell on my mind after Entertainment Week ran a flattering article on the com...   0

Scarecroodle . Aug 21

ArtFX+ Lex Luthor gets preview gallery, pre-orders

Long-time Superman antagonist (and former president) Lex Luthor is joining Kotobukiya's ArtFX+ line. The bald billionaire's statue has received a preview gallery and is currently available for pre-order. Lex is depicted in hi...   0

Scarecroodle . Aug 18

There's Magik in the air! Pre-orders open for Koto's ArtFX+ Magik

Kotobukiya's Marvel Now! ArtFX+ Magik is currently available for pre-order. X-Men comic fans will have little difficulty recognizing Illyana Rasputin, the younger sister of Colossus, although cartoon fans may not recall that ...   0

Scarecroodle . Aug 18

Link's Nendoroid adventures continue! Majora's Mask Link up for pre-order!

While many fans greatly enjoyed the Wind Waker Nendoroid Link (double-reviewed), others wanted something in a slightly more traditional style. Their patience paid off earlier this year when a Majora's Mask version was announc...   0

Scarecroodle . Aug 15

Inki-Drop's Saltwater Sweeties Kickstarter has officially started

After a slight delay, Inki-Drop's Saltwater Sweeties Kickstarter campaign is currently underway and will run until September 7th. The campaign seeks to raise US$26,000 to fund the creation of three food-themed animal plushies...   0

Scarecroodle . Aug 12

Hail to the Pumpkin King, baby! Funko to release more Nightmare Before Christmas goodies

Slated to come out BEFORE Christmas, Funko has an array of Nightmare Before Christmas collectibles, a selection which notably includes TWO versions of Jack's Pumpking King costume. The first of the new items are two Pop!s, on...   0

Scarecroodle . Aug 11

Now you can keep a PINK Batman in your pocket wherever you go!

Funko has "shrunk" rainbow Batman for its Pocket Pop! keychain line. The world's greatest detective (not named Sherlock Holmes) will be available in the same six colors as the Entertainment Earth-exclusive Pop! line. Fans of ...   0

Scarecroodle . Aug 11

Pop! goes the ghost: Crimson Peak receives Funko treatment

Guillermo del Toro's upcoming horror film Crimson Peak isn't going to hit theaters until October 16, but horror collectibles fans won't have to wait that long for the film's merchandise as Funko plans to release three Po...   0

Scarecroodle . Aug 08

Inki-Drop invites you to taste the oceans with upcoming Seawater Sweeties Kickstarter

Fans of sea creatures and food may be excited to hear about Inki-Drop's upcoming Kickstarter which will feature three food-styled animal plushies. The line-up includes the Mint Chocoturtle (a mint chocolate chip ice cream san...   0

Scarecroodle . Aug 06

MLP chibis may be a different style, but they're still adorable

We Love Fine has an array of cute My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic chibis on the way. The seven ponies can be pre-ordered individually for US$15 each or in a set that also includes an exclusive Discord. The line-up consist...   0

Scarecroodle . Aug 06

DST releases more heroes than you could shake a wallet at

Diamond Select Toys has announced that a number of its superheroic and not-so-heroic collectibles will be hitting stores this week. The new releases include THREE Marvel Cinematic Universe (ie, movie) Marvel Select figures: A...   0

Scarecroodle . Jul 31

KidRobot's Mega Man Capsules releasing August 4

Exciting news! KidRobot has announced that its Mega Man "Capsules" (blind-boxed figures) will be released August 4th. The selection includes a line of 3-inch figurines, smaller keychains, and larger 7-inch "medium" figurines ...   0

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