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Dec 11 // ZORK


Okay, okay, I know, it's not a very creative name for I blog where I'll mostly talk about a Grimlock toy, but see, I bought this guy the same day I bought Super Smash Bros. for 3DS (which was early october), and now Supe...
Jun 14 // ZORK

Simpler times

Oh man, I bought this guy the same day I got Boba Fett, and its been how many months since then? At least the debate about simplified toys is still going thanks to Hasbro and how they're handling the toyline for the upcomin...
Apr 29 // ZORK

Well... scrap

You know, I actually wanted to write a short blog about the Animuc today, a Manga/Anime convention in Munich, which happens every year in April/May and which I attend since 2011, but since I was somehow super-clumsy while fid...
Apr 05 // ZORK

My toy hunt was bountyful... or something like that.

Oh crap yeah right I had a blog here which I totally wanted to use but forgot until now aw crap aw crap aw crap. Instead of blogging again about toys I bought numerous years ago, today I'll blog about toys I bought a week a...
Oct 01 // ZORK

He's small, and yet, his power level is over 9000

Huh, it's been a while since my last blog here... but now I'm back again. You know, Transformers are not the only thing I collect. Sometimes I buy other figures too, be it because they are from video games (or other series) ...
Sep 10 // ZORK

Optimus Prime, before he got "The Touch"

You know, to already establish a balance between Transformers and other action figures in this blog, I wanted to write a few words about my Son Goku figure. But I haven't found the time yet to take pictures of this sucker. Ho...
Sep 04 // ZORK


So, it's time to start my new "I'll talk about toys I recently bought" blog... by talking about toys I've bought something like two or three years ago. It's weird, but hey, these two guys are characters from the good old G1 c...
Aug 30 // ZORK

I have a blog and I know how to use it! ...or do I?

You know, I actually really like to write blogs. Blogs are a great way to ramble about all kinds of things. Blogging was, for example, one of the few things why was active on MySpace for a relatively long time period before I...
May 23 // ZORK

So, what kind of scale is that?

Surprise! I'm back with a blog after a reeeaaally long time. For those who were wondering about myself: I've been on various conventions last year (and also this year as well) and doing overall quite fine. I'm also most like...
May 02 // Brian Szabelski

Let's talk contests

Hey Tomopop readers, Hope you're all doing well. I popped into the C-Blogs here because I wanted to talk about something with you guys directly, and that would be contests. Specifically, I wanted to mention two things: 1.) ...
Feb 13 // Brian Szabelski

Snow Miku 2013 order group?

Hey guys, I'm looking for folks who might still be interested in ordering a Snow Miku 2013 ver. and I thought I'd ask Tomopop first before going somewhere else like MFC. If you're interested, let me know in the comments here and I'll e-mail you. We have until the 18th to get this done, so please reply ASAP. Thanks!
Dec 05 // Jonathan Tubbs

Latest figure haul

Hey. More figures came in. Cause that's what we do here, right? Buy figures. Well, I'm sure we buy other things but do you really want to see what groceries I bought for the week? ... do you? Anyhoo, just want to show off wh...
Oct 18 // Brian Szabelski

Thoughts from the Editor: Oct. 18, 2012

Hey everyone, Thought I'd pop in here now that things are winding down after New York Comic Con and talk a bit about the show and a few other things that have been rattling around in my head as of late: New York Comic Con P...
Sep 27 // Kristina Pino

Re: pony-related posts, blocking content, post schedules, etc.

Heya folks. There were some incendiary comments going on in Rio's latest Tomopop about Town feature, so I thought I'd bring the discussion over here. The points made were that Orannis is tired of too many pony-related posts...
Sep 07 // Brian Szabelski

Collecting: What drives you?

One of the things I have wanted to do this year is do more blogging in the C-Blogs, perhaps more personal stuff. I always feel like I cover the news side well but that sometimes it obscures the fact that I, too, am still a co...
Jul 01 // Brian Szabelski

Update on where I'll be this week

Hey everyone, Just wanted to give you all a heads up on this, but Friday afternoon, we got punched in the face by some bad weather. Long story short, I lost power and because of the damage, it's not expected to be restored u...
May 09 // Brian Szabelski

Check out Jon Paul Kaiser's custom skateboard decks

So here's something cool: I imagine a lot of you guys are fans of Jon Paul Kaiser, and recently, he finished up a unique commission for a fan of his. Instead of painting a Dunny with his usual black and white style, he finish...
May 08 // Kristina Pino

Custom Park 6 Road Sign Vinylmation figure by Evilos for sale

Here's the eBay listing: The Park 6 set had a few road signs, so he calls it a variant. Not everyone's bag, for sure, so I thought I'd just cblog about it. <3 Evilos: Twitter:
May 03 // Yami Casas

Good Smile Company: 10th Anniversary Figure Top 5 Vote Results

GSC posted the results of its poll. Here are the top 5 in each category: ねんどろん ~ Nendoron 1. 宮藤 芳佳 ~ Miyafuji Yoshika 6990票(votes) Strike Witches No.57...
Apr 21 // Brian Szabelski

Tomotalk with Brian: April 22, 2012 edition

Haven't done one of these in a while, so I figured it might be as good a time as any to write about some of the things going on here at Tomo HQ: Galleries getting upgraded? One of the things discussed recently was a possibl...
Feb 14 // Yami Casas

Review: Bandai Chibi~Arts Monkey・D・Luffy

Bandai’s Chibi-arts line has included some of everyone’s favorite characters from Pretty Cure to Kaimen Rider W. Back in July of 2011 the Chibi-arts line added Eiichiro Oda’s popular Shounen Jump series One Piece into...
Feb 13 // Brian Szabelski

A few ideas I'd like to share

[Note: I posted this here because it doesn't really feel like a front page post to me. Plus I didn't want to clog up all the news with it.] At any given time, there are about 10 different ideas running around in my head for ...
Feb 03 // Brian Szabelski

Wonder Festival Winter 2012 Order Organizing Post

Hey everyone, Just thought this might be a quick and easy way to organize orders for WonFes stuff, namely the GSC items. They're three per order, so groups will be smaller than normal. If you're interested and looking for ...
Jan 31 // Kristina Pino

Great deals to take advantage of (found on AmiAmi)

I clicked on the "up to 90% off" banner at the top of AmiAmi's home page, and oh, lookie what I found! Portrait of Pirates Portgas D Ace Strong Edition for only ¥4,980: And cutie-pie Hello Kitty to Issho Shizuku Minase for just ¥3,600: Thought I'd share.
Jan 23 // Kristina Pino

Taking suggestions for Feb. Megapixel theme!

Have you got any MMP theme suggestions? I'm listening... After taking some contest ideas from Counterpunch, Orannis and others, I figured: why not? It's your contest, after all. Take control!
Jan 02 // ZORK

My Christmas Loot!

I know, I know, there's already a thread in the forum for this, but I haven't registered there yet, and since I don't use forums that often I'll most likely won't anyway. Instead, I'll blog about my christmas gifts. As you...
Jan 01 // Yami Casas

Review: Tiger & Bunny - Deformeister Petit Set

It’s no secret that my favorite show of 2011 is Sunrise’s hit series Tiger & Bunny. Anything that is merchandise related to TaiBani I want to instantly buy. Whether, it is a Figuart, chibi-arts, books, mouse pad you nam...
Dec 29 // Yami Casas

Review: Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan - Hijikata Toshizou

If there is one thing that makes me an extremely happy girl is the release of a male figure. Now if said male figure just happened to be samurai clad character my happiness points would increase to over 9000. Kotobukiya along...
Dec 21 // Kristina Pino

Quick note on prizing for December stuff

Including the winners for November's Megapixel (except Counterpunch), I'm pushing all prizing back to January. That means Wilda's prize for November's Megapixel and all December Christmas contest winners, plus December's Mega...
Dec 11 // Yami Casas

Review: Tiger & Bunny - S.H.Figuarts - Wild Tiger -

Back in April when the Tiger & Bunny anime first aired who knew Sunrise’s original television series directed by Keiichi Satou and written by Masafumi Nishida would be the smash hit it is today. The story takes place in S...

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