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May 28 // Orannis

Kinda running out of space sale

Running out of space, so I figured I'd see if anyone wants to buy some figures. I'm not in any hurry to sell, so prices are basically what I would be happy giving them up for. Will only ship if you're buying a bunch of them; ...
Feb 19 // Orannis

January Loot & Church of Madoka Contest Prizes!

The January edition of my haul videos, also with video evidence of the Church of Madoka contest prizes! Probably won't be a video next month since I only have one figure coming (unless Amiami's preowned section decides to jump me again).
Jan 22 // Orannis

December Loot! + New collection pics

Like last month (and probably next month), giant box = video instead of pics. Again, please let me know what you thought, I'm always aiming to improve. :) Update: Now that everything is unboxed and organized, I have actual...
Dec 28 // Orannis

November Amiami Haul!

So this is my first time doing a haul video, simply because photographing and then cropping/editing all those photos for a haul this large is not something I feel like doing tonight. Please let me know what you think so I can improve if I do this again.
Nov 19 // Scarecroodle

Because Ewoks are wussies.

Presented for the collective amusement of the Tomopopulus, here's a gallery of buddies George and Lenny from NECA's recently released revamped-ish Gremlins line "Derrrrrrr, what about the rabbits, George?" Forget about th...
Nov 07 // Orannis

October Haul!

Had a pretty big haul this month, including my first Amiami Preowned items. First up however is my Rightstuf order. On a related note, if you ever need a laugh, call Rightstuf's number after hours. They have some guy doing a...
Oct 30 // Scarecroodle

Without power, missing you all

Currently without power, no clue for how long. Just wanted you all to know that I (barely) survived "Franken-storm" Last storm was 8 days without my house having power. Kinda curious if they can beat that record, which might be possibly given all the downed trees that make just getting into town hard.
Oct 23 // Orannis

October Micropixel: Creatures In The Dark

All sorts of things hide in the trees in the dark... Especially around Halloween. __________________________________________________________________________________________ I also got a pretty good shot with it lit up,...
Oct 05 // Orannis

September's Box O' STUFF

My September Amiami order arrives! There's really no feeling quite like seeing the telltale FRAGILE-labeled box appear before you. Now let's see... Lots of goodies this month... Though next month is going to be huge... Fi...
Sep 27 // Kristina Pino

Re: pony-related posts, blocking content, post schedules, etc.

Heya folks. There were some incendiary comments going on in Rio's latest Tomopop about Town feature, so I thought I'd bring the discussion over here. The points made were that Orannis is tired of too many pony-related posts...
Sep 11 // Orannis

My Collection: September 2012

I've added a fair few figures to my collection recently, so I figured it was time for... new collection photos! Unfortunately any recently acquired figmas and nendoroids are not present, as limited space requires that they re...
Sep 06 // Orannis

September Micropixel: In the Court of the Squid Queen

In the court of the Squid Queen, the Squids of the Blue Tentacle prepare for war! ...the peons don't quite grasp the concept.
Aug 07 // Orannis

Happy birthday to me =_=

So I'm 22 today... I expect you all to send me lots of presents. Or I will be VERY disappointed in you all.
Jul 11 // Scarecroodle

My SDCC hopes list

(DISCLAIMER: My hopes don't necessarily reflect the hopes of =p) Can you feel the hype in the air? Fans fervently wishing for certain collectibles, waiting to see if their dreams will be answered or what crazy su...
Jul 06 // Scarecroodle

Damaged decisions

SDCC07 She-Hulk arrived with, well, indecent exposure. Looks like she slipped in package (half wonder if the seller displayed on shelf then repackaged to claim it's new, not placing it properly) and her nipple (well, whe...
Jul 05 // Orannis


Jun 26 // Orannis

Tales From the Bargain Bin - Gold Metanoid

I think I'm going to try and do something consistent for a change. If I can pull it off, each week I plan to find a toy that has been bargain-binned for less than $5, and give a short review, because sometimes you can find so...
Jun 26 // Orannis

Drossel Charming - Not So Much?

Alright, I took these pics ages ago, but didn't get around to uploading them until today, so without further adieu, here is Drossel Charming. Box is the pretty standard figma fare, shows off the contents as expected, moving...
Jun 13 // Scarecroodle

Has anybody seen the 6" modern Tygra in stores?

The Lion-o, Panthro, and Cheetara were all really iffy but Tygra actually looks decent. Supposedly he's one of the later ones in the line so he won't even be hitting all areas. It's starting to seem like the revamp may be dead.
Jun 01 // Scarecroodle

Don't forget to exercise your civic duty...

...and vote for which minimates you want to see: Was going to post this last week but figured Tomopop would probably mention it anyway. A...
May 23 // Scarecroodle

ToyArk reports that NECA's Lightning Gremlin will be TRU exclusive Yeah, because this things are already sold in sooooooooo many other places >_> There are so many things wrong with this...
May 18 // Scarecroodle

Marvel Legends wave 3 to release in September Just a quick heads-up. Apparently Marvel released the date over their twitter feed. ToyArk ran the story, including the reve...
May 17 // Scarecroodle

Did yours stay "Puft"? Matty offers refund on its Stay Puft Marshmallow Man

Apparently open flames aren't the only thing capable of changing the color of MattyCollector's giant 20" Stay Puft Marshmallow Man (based on the iconic last-second character from the original Ghostbusters movie) as at least f...
May 08 // Kristina Pino

Custom Park 6 Road Sign Vinylmation figure by Evilos for sale

Here's the eBay listing: The Park 6 set had a few road signs, so he calls it a variant. Not everyone's bag, for sure, so I thought I'd just cblog about it. <3 Evilos: Twitter:
May 05 // Scarecroodle

MMP: Eastern figure meets Western figure

Yes, it's going to be one of those... Battle Cat: "Hi, I'm a Western character figure." Dead Master: "And I'm an Eastern character figure. I..." Battle Cat: "No! I'm going first! Don't make me eat you. Remember th...
May 03 // Orannis

The Horde - May 2012

It's been a while since I last took collection pics, so with my recent additions (including two new prizes courtesy of Tomopop) I figured it was time. I think I need to buy another shelf... And I haven't even taken my new figmas out of their boxes yet. =_=
May 03 // Yami Casas

Good Smile Company: 10th Anniversary Figure Top 5 Vote Results

GSC posted the results of its poll. Here are the top 5 in each category: ねんどろん ~ Nendoron 1. 宮藤 芳佳 ~ Miyafuji Yoshika 6990票(votes) Strike Witches No.57...
May 03 // Orannis

Gift's Saber Extra is Extravagant

I'm just going to say it straight up at the beginning here - there is nothing bad about Gift's Saber Extra. At all. I couldn't find a single flaw on it. It immediately entered the ranks of my favorite figures, alongside Gift'...
May 02 // Orannis

A Wild Box Appeared! April Haul!

Yeah, you all recognize that little slip of paper. This be an Amiami package! I believe I've used up all my luck for the day, since this went out Saturday, and got here this morning, and didn't even get flagged by customs. A...
May 01 // Scarecroodle

News you probably didn't hear & won't care about: Young Justice toyline canceled

Semi-old news but I just heard it a few days ago. Apparently Mattel decided to cancel the Young Justice toyline (both the 4" and 6" lines). And the hits keep coming, since during a Toyark Q&A with a Mattel rep we learned "W...

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