UPDATE: Tamashii Nation 2012 brings us D-Arts Pokemon

Charizard gets the spotlight, but Blastoise and maybe Venusaur there, too

12:00 PM on 10.25.2012

Looks like Bandai is putting that Pokemon license to good use; first we got D-Arts Mewtwo, and now you can add D-Arts Charizard to the mix! Appearing first at Tamashii Nation 2012, D-Arts Charizard will feature an articulated neck, arms, tail and hip joints and appears to come with a translucent PVC flame so you can have him doing all his fire attacks. Awesome!

So does it mean more Pokemon are on the way in 2013? Nothing else has been officially confirmed yet, and as usual, it probably depends on the sales ... but I would love a D-Arts Blastoise, Gyarados or Wigglytuff if you're listening, Bandai.

[via Amiami Twitter; special thanks to Orannis for also tipping this to us]

[UPDATE: romevi has pointed out in the comments that Blastoise is indeed there, hiding in the background on the blue pedestal, and what I think could be Venusaur next to him on the green pedestal. Looks like we won't have photos yet, though, as they've got "No photography" placards in front of them.]

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Brian Szabelski