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Upcoming GIANTmicrobes releases are seasonal, scientific

12:00 PM on 11.07.2012 // Natalie Kipper

Plush ornaments, lab mice, and more highlight this timely collection

GIANTmicrobes seems to just be getting better and better. I mean, I was always a fan, just check out my reviews of their skin cell and bone cell plushes and last year's plush ornament box to get an idea. But, these latest toys are so perfect. The new items will be released in waves.  Some are for sale now, while others will be available starting on November 13 and November 27.

The ones available now are the Primordial Putty (US$7.95) and and the Wreath Mini Microbe box of plush ornaments (US$24.95), seen in the header. The Primordial Putty is a petri dish of orange goop with a collectible figure in the middle of it, available with Flesh Eating Disease, Black Death, Ebola Virus, and Anthrax. The Wreath Mini Microbe box is like the stocking set I had previously review, except with the ornaments being a gingerbread Stomach Ache, a caroling Sore Throat, a Blood Cell Snowman, an angel Nerve Cell, and a golden Amoeba. The Stomach Ache and Sore Throat are quite ironic.

Coming on November 13 are a Cancer plush (SU$12.95), as well as Plasma (US$9.95) and Norovirus (US$9.95). The cool thing about the Cancer plush is it is a reversible doll, allowing you to "cure" it. On November 27, Lab Mice (US$14.95) and Livers (US$9.95) will be in stock. The Lab Mouse is a plush I am particularly excited about. I have a great respect for the sacrifice the little dudes make for the sake of our health and I love that they are getting recognition. From GIANTmicrobes' parent company, the Drew Oliver Company, comes Humerus the Funny Bone (S$29.95), also releasing on November 27. The toy responds to clapping by telling jokes. 

Are you planning on stuffing any stockings with some microbes?

[note: The links provided for the unreleased products will not be live until the day of the toy's release.]

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