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Under the Radar: The return of Rainbow Brite

10:00 PM on 11.19.2009 // Jason Millward

I am such a whore for 80's nostalgia that even the stuff that I wasn't into can give me a flashback full of the fuzzies. Rainbow Brite was certainly not catering itself towards my gender. My little cousin on the other hand was crazy about that girl. She not only had a ton of the dolls, but had her room's walls painted in different colors with a bright blue floor. Looking back, it was actually pretty wicked.

Brite, her friends, and her horse Starlite are coming back. A new website ( launched recently heralding her return with new dolls from Playmates to arrive in the spring. There's not a ton to look at, but there is a flash animation that gives a bit of background on how Brite has grown up a bit since last we saw her. Also, a new theme song .mp3 (which I'm sure you're in a hurry to download) is available for your listening pleasure. Here's hoping that when they bring out the rest of the characters that Shy Violet has aged into a 30 year-old goth punk princess. That I could get behind.

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