Under the Radar: Media Factory's Amnesia collection set

9:00 AM on 02.08.2013 // Yami Casas

So many boys. What's a girl to do?

While we weren't paying attention, Media Factory opened pre-orders for its collection figure box set of the popular otome game turned anime, Amnesia.

The six figure set will include Shin, Toma, Ikki, Kent, Ukyo, and Orion. Each figure will stand at 50mm and will feature each boy in their own unique pose. Speaking of unique, it seems Orion will be levitating from his base. How cute is that? I'm having a hard time choosing my favorite boy, but Ikki is making me swoon with that wink and smile combo.

Although the mini set is currently sold out at most retailers, you can still pre-order a complete box set at Toyslogic for US$59.99. The boys are listed for a U.S. release at the end of March.

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