Ume Toys gets a little lucky ... and ogre-y

3:00 PM on 01.10.2013

Brian Szabelski


Two new custom figures unveiled for charitable causes

Ume Toys has two new custom figures to share, and both are for a good cause. First, there's the fellow on the left in the header image: that's Carl Short Horn, an ogre-like fellow with a curly moustache. He's a custom Munny made for the upcoming Art Without Borders show at Art Whino (120 American Way, National Harbor, Md.) on Feb. 23. The show is a fundraiser event for Doctors Without Borders; look for a longer post about the show itself coming soon.

The other piece is something Disney fans might love: a custom Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, painted to give it a weathered brass look and based off the Vinylmation platform. This one is going up for auction soon for the Give Kids the World Village in Central Florida. More details on this will hopefully come soon, and we'll bring them to you.

Do either of these appeal to you, Tomopop readers? 

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