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Ultimate Optimus Prime and Predaking at UK Toy Fair

10:00 PM on 01.23.2013 // Jeremy Emerje Crocker

First look at previously unannounced Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters Ultimate scale versions of Predaking and Optimus Prime.

Not a whole lot of news broke on the Transformers front at UK Toy Fair this week (aside from the Construct-Bots announcement), but that's not entirely unexpected with the US Toy Fair just around the corner. What was freshly seen, however, is the return of the Ultimate scale  with new larger versions of Optimus Prime and Predaking from Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters.

The image quality isn't the best, but we've got an idea of what we can look forward to in the coming months. Optimus is looking rather bulky, especially in the legs, and is seen holding two swords on their flat sides. The most distinguishing feature is the big black wheel on his back which appears to be called a 'Dragon Disc'. Who knows what that implies. Predaking, on the other hand, is putting the focus on electronics which likely means some lights and sounds. He appears to be holding the entirety of his tale as a weapon which is a little like cheating in the Transformers world, but a lot of beast Transformers do it. Either way Predaking doesn't look like he's been transformed correctly at all. His wings are too low and his shoulders are over his head.

Before I get too excited I'm going to have to wait on some better show photos or, even better, some official shots from Hasbro. Predaking has some potential, but the jury is still out on Optimus Prime.

[via Full Metal Hero, TFormers]

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