Troops of Doom celebrates fifth anniversary

Feb 26 // Scarecroodle

Will there be plastic cake?

Troops of Doom, a web comic featuring G.I. Joe and Star War figures battling for Lego technology, recently celebrated its fifth birthday. The comic was launched in 2008 and now, five years later, has had 523 comic strips (or episodes?) alongside 118 additional photos.

Author Kraig Furtado will apparently be holding a contest over the next few episodes where readers will have the opportunity to have a character named after them. These contests seem to be taking the form of trivia posted below each episode where correct answers are put into a random draw. The first one is live right now.

I can't say that I was aware of the comic until recently, but it seems worth checking out. It's a great example of articulated comic book art.

[ Troops of Doom ]

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