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Triad Toys wishes to teach you the origin of the Shaolin martial arts

12:00 PM on 10.08.2011 // Chris Pranger

Hot damn, sometimes I just feel like a simple ass-whooping and few things can satisfy that need faster than tossing a handful of Shaolin monks into a bad situation. Therefore, what better way to get right to the core of the Shaolin style of pain-dealing than to go straight to Setsutei Kukuyuu, the founder of the great martial art? Okay, so he's dead, but why not settle for this powerful action figure instead?

Becoming one with everything and standing at 1/6th scale, the Triad 1/6 Figure Legend Setsutei Fukuyuu Fashion doll (action figure, obviously) is everything a good Shaolin monk should be, insomuch as he looks strong, flexible, and above all slightly crazy. Actually, scratch that, he looks very crazy. But remember, I'm considering that a good thing as the face is selling me on this. I love beards and I love baldness, so throw in the whole package of "elderly bearded bald yelling monk" and I'm very sold.

But that's not all! He comes with a sword, a club, and some pretty authentic robes that allow for proper attire for any monkly situation, such as the prerequisite choreographed fight scene every seven minutes. Also, he has eight different hands, or more specifically, "Hand part to respond to various situations comes with eight." But of course there's the matter of price, and at ¥18.858 (roughly USD$466.03), or currently ¥16,972 (roughly USD$221.42) at Hobby Search, that might feel like a bit much. I'd gladly just take the head for a flat USD$40. Sound fair? He gets released in Japan January of 2012, so pre-order now if your wallet is at harmony with your desire. Anyone considering it?

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Chris Pranger,
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