Treasure Festa in Ariake 8: One more gallery!

Dec 20 // Chris Seto    @GundamJehutyKai

Encore! Encore!! ENCORE!!

OK, so I lied. Here's the last gallery for Treasure Festa! Sadly, with all that's going on it's easy to miss quite a few kits out there so here's a selection of kits which we missed from our main coverage.

The gallery is a mix of various types as there aren't enough to warrant splitting them down into separate galleries again but there are some real gems in here, from the Edelweiss from Valkyria Chronicles to a pretty good looking Yukikaze and chibi Millhi from Dog Days!, there's plenty for everyone. Heck, there's even a kit of Sakurano Otoha from Sky Girls (much better execution that Strike Bit... Witches IMO, but lacked the huge cast size).

But my picks have to go to the great looking Elizabeth and Thatatos from Persona 4 Arena and the gorgeous Altines from Busou Shinki! Altines is definitely on my watch list. Grizzly Panda is a kit maker I keep an eye on as his Homura from Madoka Magica was also very impressive, so I bought it! Until the event, Altines was only a name on his site, there wasn't even a pricetag for her so my hope is high that she will be for sale at Wonder Festival. I just need to save up for her!

And now, we're done. Seriously! How about you, readers? Are there any kits in this gallery which you would fork out for?

[additional photos via Temporary feeling and Toshi]

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