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Treasure Festa in Ariake 8: Anime Garage Kits (part 3)

9:00 PM on 12.19.2012 // Chris Seto

Once more, unto the breach!

And now onto the final stretch with the last few galleries from Treasure Festa in Ariake 8! Time to round up the anime kits now, and it's all about Madoka Magica!

Admit it, you smiled when you saw the chibi magical girls do their own Ginyu force pose! The Homura holding her Madoka dakimakura is rather cute too!

Elsewhere, we have chibi ika musume and a rather old Macross Frontier kit which tries to recreate a scene from the second opening of the TV anime. Lan and Kyouno Madoka from Rinne no Lagrange also have a few kits on display as well as Chinatsu from Yuri Yuri and Yui from Muv-Luv: Total Eclipse, ready to join the other ladies we saw earlier!

I kinda want the Homura... How about you, readers?

[many thanks to Ramon McGlown of Tokyo Hunter for the photos]

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