Transformers Unite Warriors introduces Grand Galvatron


Unicron makes the ultimate evil combiner

For weeks now Takara Tomy has been teasing Transformers fans with a silhouette of their latest combiner for the Unite Warriors line as a Takara Tomy Mall exclusive. Fans right away noticed that it was made largely of molds that had yet to be released in Japan. The new Stunticon Offroad mold was replaced by his predecessor Wildrider (a remold of Dead End) in Japan while the new Protectobot Rook figure was replaced by an all new Groove figure as part of a Takara Tomy Mall exclusive set. Most intriguing is the main body using the Voyager class Cyclonus figure (remolded from Silverbolt) which becomes Galvatronus when combined. The remaining limbs were existing Aerialbots which left even more speculation as to what we were in for. Then last week we got a blurry group shot of all of Takara Tomy's Unite Warrior figures together including the mystery guy which lead to further speculation; some of which was actually correct.

And finally this week we got the full reveal and it turned out to be even more bizarre than we could have imagined: Grand Galvatron! Remember Unicron, the giant planet sized Transformer from the original animated movie? In the Transformers multiverse he's treated as a singularity that can travel to any universe he chooses. Well the big guy has been keeping busy and we can thank him for this combiner that spans multiple Transformers story lines. All five use the power of grudges (mainly directed toward Galvatron and Unicron, but not all) to harness the power to combine.

Ghost Starscream - A remold of Aerialbot Skydive in mainly translucent colors. He's the same Starscream that was killed in the original animated movie and later returned as a ghost in the animated series. Unicron gave him a solid, semi-corporeal body and harnesses a strong grudge against Galvatron for killing him. 

Curse Armada Thrust - A retool of Aerialbot Air Raid this is, as the name suggests, Thrust from the Armada animated series (note that the figure doesn't use the Japanese Superlink title). The master strategist, he holds a grudge against Unicron for killing him and secretly schemes to use Grand Galvatron to get his revenge.

Zombie War Breakdown - A repaint of Stunticon Offroad based on Breakdown from the Transformers: Prime. He holds a strong grudge against humans for torturing and experimenting on him even after his death. Unicron recovers his body and turns him into an undead zombie. He really just wants to be reunited with his partner Knock Out.

Wandering Roller - A redeco of Protectobot Rook and the only Autobot in the group. This one is pretty creative. Remember the little six wheeled drone car in Optimus Prime's trailer? That's Roller. He holds a grudge against the Autobots for abandoning him after Optimus Prime's death. Unicron was drawn to his hatred for the Autobots and is using it for Grand Galvatron. His colors are based on the IDW comic character Roller that Optimus named the drone after. 

Tactician Cyclonus - A repaint of Hasbro's Cyclonus and remold of Aerialbot Silverbolt. In the Japanese Headmasters cartoon, after failing to become Grand Galvatron, Galvatron is buried alive by the Headmasters and apparently killed. Unicron allows his ghost to possess Cyclonus in a second chance to defeat the Autobots. However this story lacks a strong grudge leaving some fans to believe the figure is based on IDW Cyclonus where both he and Galvatron at one point were immortals and Cyclonus had a deep hatred for Galvatron. 

It's a very eclectic group of characters and the design team meeting working this out must have really been something to behold. If you're like me and want to add some characters that will likely never see Generations figures outside of this set like Thrust and Breakdown it's one to get. Takara Tomy Mall doesn't ship outside Japan, but most of the usual exporters are offering it for US$160 (to Japan's ¥16,200 or US$133). Plan on seeing the set released in late April. And, yes, I have already pre-ordered mine. 

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