Transformers Subscription Service 5.0 goes live


Just as 4.0 begins to ship

So originally I was going to do a third BotCon report discussing the upcoming Transformers Collectors' Club exclusives, but it's taken until now for them to finally put their Figure Subscription Service 5.0 images online. But not just the images, they're already taking subscribers as well. This starts just as the first figure from the 4.0 subscription has begun to ship. This is all thanks to the Club ending at the end of the year and the need to get everything that's planned prepared in time. 

Currently the orders are only available to existing members, but they do promise to soon make it open to past members as well since there's no longer a way to join the club. All together there'll be six figures plus a seventh mystery figure that won't be revealed until the last shipment. Once again Combiner Wars will be sourced for the sub featuring a new incarnation of the Wreckers making use of the Impactor figure from the TFSS 4.0 set. Three more members will come from 5.0 along with one of the mystery figures from either sub, combining to form Wreckage. 

There are other surprises in this set as well such as the return of the BotCon 2015 gorilla Pretender shell used for Oilmaster and the first ever release the Grand Maximus Pretender shell outside of Japan. It's a pretty eclectic group of figures, especially with only one Autobot in the set just like with 4.0. Let's take a look at who they're offering in no particular order:

  • Decepticon Former Double-Spy Counterpunch - Uses the Wheeljack mold with a new head to form part of Wreckage. In-story his Punch mode has been removed leaving just Counterpunch.
  • Predacon Scientist Fractyl with Scorponok - Original character Fractyl is a repaint of BotCon 2016 Terrorsaur which in turn is a retool of Combiner Wars Skydive and part of the Wreckers team. Scorponok is a repaint of Legends Scamper.
  • Decepticon Commander Megatron with Spacewarp - Megatron is a repaint of his Generations Legends figure in his canceled G2 Combat Hero colors. Spacewarp is an original club character, redecoed from Generations Payload. Both figures can be stored inside the Double Pretender shell reapinted from Grand Maximus' shell.
  • Autobot Commander Optimus Prime with Hi-Q - Same molds used for the BotCon 2015 Oilmaster figure. Optimus is a remold of Generations Legends Swerve in G2 Laser colors; Hi-Q is a repaint of Generations Flanker. The shell is in the colors of the canceled gorilla shell first seen back at BotCon 1996. 
  • Paradron Medic Lifeline with Quickslinger - Lifeline is a repaint of Generations Arcee as a Paradron Medic from the original G1 cartoon. Quickslinger is another Flanker repaint, this time in homage to the motorcycle of the same name from the Cybertron toy line. 
  • Decepticon Experiment Toxitron - A repaint of the Combiner Wars Motormaster figure with an alternate Optimus Prime head, based on a club original character. He forms the main body of Wreckage. This figure was originally intended to be Scourge or Nemesis Prime, but e-Hobby's own Grand Scourge figure (released jointly by the TCC) caused them to change to Toxitron instead. 

The mystery bonus seventh figure is rumored to be Punch to go with Counterpunch, but we wont know for sure until it's released with the final figure. The subscription goes for US$330 plus shipping, but can be split equally over three payments. The orders are only open until May 26 with no order limit as these will be made on-demand. I'm getting TFCC 4.0, but I'm not sure yet if I want these figures. Guess I've got a few weeks to figure it out. 

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