Transformers Collectors' Club releases a photo of Shattered Glass Cyclonus

7:00 PM on 03.04.2010

The Transformers Collectors' Club updated today with a product photo of the upcoming club store exclusive Shattered Glass Cyclonus. I can see that he has a fiery color scheme going for him but it comes off a little harsh on the eyes. Hopefully the figure will not be so blinding in more natural lighting. Honestly, the color scheme doesn't come off as anything special but as an exclusive, it's certainly something that cannot be passed up.

No details on pricing or release date. The Transformers Collector's Club does say that preorders will open soon for Shattered Glass Cyclonus and the other exclusive, Punch/Counterpunch. Hopefully soon really means soon this time. Remember, you must be a club member to purchase these exclusives.

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