Trailer arrives for Paul Shih's Rottey

2:00 PM on 02.14.2013

Brian Szabelski


Paul's latest work will be both a short film and a toy

Paul Shih has been working pretty darn hard on his next project, which he's calling Rottey. If you look above, that's a claymation teaser trailer Paul put together with Amy Lam, telling the backstory of Rottey and two other characters: Worm One and Two. This will be an actual short film, too, featuring all of the characters. And it seems like Rottey will be something a bit ... evil.

So why no shots of Rottey? Paul says including Rottey in the teaser would spoil the whole film. Plus, he's still sculpting the final version of the toy, so including Rottey might not be too useful now if he's subject to change. In any case, Paul says he's hoping to have everything done in the next two months. We'll let you know when the toy and short film's release is, of course!

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