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Toys 'R' Us exclusive Battle Beast paired off

10:15 AM on 11.24.2012 // Scarecroodle

I don't see any of these couples lasting. Expect vicious break-ups.

Recently we saw photos of the paint decos for the Toys "R" Us exclusive Battle Beasts (as well as some cool concept art for hopefully upcoming characters). However, we weren't quite sure which beasts were paired together in these 2-packs. The selection has now been confirmed as follows:

-Vorin (Ram) vs Scorpus (Scorpion)
-Merk (Falcon) vs Spidron (Spider)
-Gruntos (Walrus) vs Scalpus (Snake)
-Antalor (Ha!) (Moose) vs. Nychirix (Bat)

The most important pack in this Toys "R" Us wave is Antalor/Nychirix since the only two Toys "R" Us exclusive characters are conveniently packaged together. Besides that, Antalor has the most fun name thus far seen in DST's Battle Beasts line. Granted, if you're not getting the comic store packs (which has the exclusive human characters), you'll probably want all of these figures. Or some of them. You could also mix and match TRU and comic packs (depending on the color schemes you like), since Vorin/Scorpus and Merk/Spidron are paired the same way.

These figures be hitting Toys "R" Us shelves in a little under a month now. I'm looking forward to getting the Walrus, Vorin the Ram, Antalor, and the Bat. Given that the Toys "R" US decos look superior in almost every instance, I imagine that I'll probably stick to that set. How about you guys?

[ Art Asylum ]

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