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Toys of Yesterday: The Darth Vader Collector's Case

7:00 PM on 11.04.2009 // Colette Bennett

The other day, I was wandering through a thrift store and suddenly my eyes landed on an item that mystically had the power to transport me back in time. Literally, I saw it and I fell into a portal. On the other side of the portal, it was 1982, I was five years old, and Star Wars was the greatest thing to happen ever. My room was packed with Star Wars everything, from poseable figures to bedsheets.

Do you recognize this item? The official carrying case that came out around the time The Empire Strikes Back was released? I bet if you do, it could be because you have fond memories of it too. Hit the jump for a few more of mine.

My first reaction to the good old Darth Carrying case was to wonder if it was rare. Actually, it's quite the opposite -- these guys are floating around all over the place. According to the Star Wars Archive Database, if you were a male child in the eighties, not owning one of these was the equivalent of growing up underneath a rock. If you own one in mint condition with the packaging, well, that's a different story.

I'd like to apologize for the quality of this picture -- the iPhone is hardly an excellent camera -- but I wanted to show off the inside of the case so those of you who may never have seen it can remember. As you can see, there was a labeled slot for each figure within, which made it easy to tell at a glance which ones you still needed to complete your collection.

This case was made by Kenner, and while it wasn't always functionally perfect (the vinyl one was much more functional but kinda boring), it was obviously HELLA cool, and being a small child I really wasn't worried about how functional my toys were as long as they kind of worked.

Perhaps there were many Star Wars related items that were equally as cool (God knows there are gobs of new ones even now), but this one has the treasured spot in my memory as the coolest of them all. Do you have any special Star Wars items you remember loving from way back when?

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Colette Bennett,
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