Toys of Yesterday: The bear, the parrot, and the mouse


What was special to you growing up? Your first stuffed animal, your first little toy? When did you get them?  On the day I was born, I was given a teddy bear. A bear that has followed me through my entire life. One I still display proudly as something I cherish and love. A gift from family and one I intend to pass on if myself or any of my siblings end up having children of their own. 

At the age of 2 Fuzzy the bear made friends.  He met Mickey Mouse and the mighty Parrot who hung above my crib as a baby until I tore it off it's perch and made it my pet. To this day they remain with me. They remain close and always on display in whatever room I am sleeping in  We have been through so much together that it would still hurt me if I were to ever lose them.

Join me after the jump as I read to you the story of a boy and how he came to realize just how much his 3 best friends meant to him.


Once upon a time there was a boy who had three friends. He grew up with them, cared about them, then he decided that one of them was less worthy of his attention. He started ignoring his friend and one day, his parrot friend disappeared.  

His two remaining friends felt lonely. The boy just thought he had misplaced his parrot. It wasn't important. He was getting to old for stuffed animals. He would just find him the next time he cleaned his room. A couple of weeks later the boy came home from school to discover that Mickey Mouse had gone missing.  

Suddenly, Fuzzy was all alone. Without his friends the boy was never happy. But he didn't care. He would find the others when he cleaned his room. Fuzzy was still the only one that mattered. He had been with the boy since birth and would never leave his side. Until one day when the boy came home and found something terrible.  

The boy was alone. His friends had left him. Yet he still didn't care. Why would he? He was 13 years old, that is far too old for stuffed animals. Fuzzy was gone, Parrot was gone, Mickey was gone, and the boy just didn't care. Until one day he saw his neighbors child with what he thought might have been his friends.  

He went downstairs to get a better look. There was no mistaking it now. It was Fuzzy and Mickey, his best friends through so much of his life had left him due to his neglect and for the first time in a long time, he felt pain. He was sad. They were his friends, his family, and he had neglected them. It was their choice but he couldn't take their loss. He went crying to his mother, angrily shouting about his stuffed animals. 

His mother spoke: "I thought you didn't care about them anymore?"

He had no words left but tears. He had been torn up inside at the loss of his friends. Stomping and slamming doors on his way to his room he cried himself to sleep. Later that evening, he was awoken by a poke in the shoulder. It was his mother.

"I have something for you," she said as she revealed his best friend, Fuzzy.  

The boy gave his precious Fuzzy a hug only to find that he still gave the best hugs ever. But the boy still felt alone. Fuzzy was his favorite bear but he still missed his other friends. Suddenly, he heard a sound from behind and saw a parrot fly through his door and land on the counter in front of him.

The boy was happy and yes still lonely. He wanted all of his friends back, yet Mickey still hadn't returned. The boy kept seeing the kid across the street having fun with his friend and his loneliness remained. Days later upon returning from school, the boy returned to his room and found something glorious.  Mickey was back! He had returned bruised and battered from living with the bully across the stree, yet he had returned. 

The boy was angry when he saw the state of his friend Mickey. Paint on his side, his mouth torn up; Mickey was a mess. It didn't matter to the boy, though. Mickey was home and with him once again. The boy had his friends back and he was content. They were together again, a family once more. And they all lived happily ever after.

The end ...

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