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Toys of Yesterday: She Ra Crystal Castle Playset

3:00 PM on 05.06.2009 // Colette Bennett

In the past, we used to have a feature on Tomopop called Less Than Three where we would talk about toys we really loved, either from the past or current releases. It's been a while since we've done one, but I've been thinking that Tomopop is missing commentary and memories on some of the most important toys of all: our first ones.

With this in mind, I'm proud to introduce a new feature called Toys of Yesterday, where we talk about a toy we fondly remember and share some old memories. I hope you will enjoy it. If you have any memories of your own, please share them in our community blogs, as I am looking to promote this feature from our readers as well!

Hit the jump to take a look back at the She-Ra Crystal Castle Playset from Masters of the Universe!

A lot of kids that were born in the late seventies grew up watching Masters of the Universe, and I was no exception. While my memories of the events of the show itself are foggy, I do remember that I really wanted one of the kickass playsets that came out to accompany your MOTU action figures. The He-Man Playset was badass, but I pretty much lost it when I saw an ad for She-Ra's Crystal Castle.

This photo is blurry and kind of sucks, and I apologize for that, but you get the idea. For a seven year old girl, this was the height of awesome. I could not tell you how much this thing cost, although I have seen one of the Castle Greyskull playsets on eBay for next to nothing, so I'd bet you could find the Crystal Castle playset at a few garage sales. Anyway, lomg story short, I wanted this thing pretty bad, and one Christmas morning there was a huge wrapped box waiting for me next to the tree. I was overjoyed to say the least.

This puppy was pretty intense out of the box. This photo you see above is not of the actual castle I owned, but I see it suffered from a similar fate as mine did, which is that the cloud paint scratched off somewhat easily. Not that I minded, because I was too busy reenacting scenes from the show on the inside to notice I had totally fucked up the paint on the outside.

Check that swank shit out. I recall I was all about the purple throne (although in retrospect, that throne room is really small and kind of sucks) and the little removable purple bed. Pink and purple were also my favorite colors as a kid, which excuses the design atrocity of the inside of this thing. I'm glad I grew out of that!

I had a lot of toys as a little girl, but a lot of them have faded from my memory entirely. The Crystal Castle was one of my favorites however, and I find myself still thinking of it now as I get into conversations with other collectors about what toys really rocked my childhood. I've considered whether or not I would buy one just to have it if I ever stumbled across it, but considering I probably wouldn't play with it as I did as a kid, it's probably best that I just keep it as a fond memory (but a very fond one indeed!).

Do you have wonderful memories of any playsets? If so, tell us about them -- what were they, how did you play with them, and do you wish you still had them (or do you still have them)?


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Colette Bennett,
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