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We are back with another edition of Toys of Yesterday and this is one many of you can relate to. I used to watch anime before I even knew it was from Japan but it was truly Sailor Moon that made me become who I am today. I can't even begin to tell you how obsessed I was with this TV show until I show you my collection. I didn't end up taking pictures of my entire collection but just the toys that I had. There may even be a few of you who still have their Sailor Moon dolls like I do!

Follow me through the jump to hear my ramble about the days when I was a Sailor Scout.

Yes, as you can see, I was truly an official Sailor Scout member. You might recall that Sailor Moon was owned by the company Dic and they had a Sailor Moon club. I really have no idea what the club really did but I still have everything, like the official certificate, that was given to me when I joined it. Aren't you jealous that you can't be a true Sailor Scout too?

While I really enjoyed watching Samurai Pizza Cats, I couldn't help but fall in love with Sailor Moon. I remember watching it late in 4th grade and becoming extremely crazy over it in 5th grade. I used to watch it early in the morning before school started and record every single episode. The time slots eventually changed later on but no matter what, I always ended up recording it.

At my school, I was known as the "Sailor Moon girl" (in middle school I was the "Dragonball Z/Pokemon girl" and the "Japan girl" in high school) so everyone knew who I was because of that. I had friends who also loved the series and we created a group in my school. As silly as it may sound, I actually ended up being Sailor Moon but because I wanted the main man to myself! I can even admit that I used to role-play it with my friends and I have kept all the notes that my friends made playing the characters.

All of these toys that I got, as well with other merchandise, were given to me at my Sailor Moon party. My aunt was seriously amazing and gave me a huge box with everything inside. It was pretty damn amazing and I remember my friends being insanely jealous, as well as surprised. There were actually two different dolls makers -- one was Bandai and the other was Irwin (they did the toy releases for Canada). These dolls are from Bandai and are actually the ones I like more compared to the other (Bandai actually did pretty bad with the first release of them, giving all of them boots!).

I'm so sad I was never able to get a Tuxedo Mask doll but I guess Prince Endymion will have to do. They never did a good job with the guy dolls, anyways.

What is Sailor Moon without some lovey-dovey time with her man? You can also see a better close up of the dolls here. Yes, that is them wearing mittens but even you can admit it would have been weird if they were given fingers.

Along with the big dolls, they also released smaller versions. The smaller dolls always had some weird problems with their hair, especially Sailor Mercury. The smaller series had Queen Beryl, has you can see her laying there on the floor like some porno star (the dress top did slide off easily). And for some reason, every single one of them came with a moon wand. It didn't make sense but I guess they needed to include something with the other scouts and not just give Sailor Moon the special treatment.

I don't know where the hell this came from but this is truly a Sailor Moon cycle. Really, I mean, I don't even know what to say about it. I can't even imagine Sailor Moon fighting while trying to ride a funky bike-cycle thing. The girl can't even walk and talk at the same time. Maybe they would have put this thing in the Sailor Moon live action drama that they were going to make in the US. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, please watch it -- seriously, watch it.

Last but no least, you see me being stupid with my Crescent Moon Wand and some random jewelry box they released. They actually made more wands, as well as Luna P, but I had already stopped caring to buy the toys. Most of my goodies came from Kay Bee Toys but I always went to Toys'R'Us to purchase the Sailor Moon cards they had in the card machines. Yes, I went there way too many times just try to collect as many cards as I could.

Now I am watching Sailor Moon all over again because I knew I had to write this article. No matter how old this show may be, I could always watch it over and over. There are actual websites out there where you can see the other toys that were released. The dolls can be found all over on eBay, along with a crap ton of other Sailor Moon merchandise. I know many of you have a fond memory of this series so feel free to share your stories with me! 


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