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Toys Of Yesterday: Masters of the Universe Rattlor

9:00 PM on 04.06.2010

That old Masters of the Universe line does it for me, the new stuff is either too expensive or just tries to look too cool. I am all about old toys. I can't buy enough of them. I'm at a point where I want dupes. I want to have an army of goons. I think I'll start by buying a thunderous quantity of this guy here!

Out of every group of He-Man villains, I have a single favorite. One I can point to as being the worst of the worst. Someone whose figure is so hilarious, that it beats out however funny Skeletor might have been in the cartoon. It gets me thinking of several jokes at once, just from looking at the thing. I see him whenever I browse for toys at flea markets always there staring up at me. 

The character? Rattlor. You pretty much learn everything you need to know based on that name. He's a snake man with a rattler. The rattler is actually on the figure and genuinely rattles. But that's not all there is to talk about Rattlor. If that was it, I wouldn't be doing such a wonderful intro!

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From the Evil Horde on Etheria comes this character, Rattlor!  Only Ivan Drago took more steroids! Of course this isn't a dissertation about the merits of He-Man villains musculature ... this is about the toys!


My personal favorite of all He Mans villains! Why is he my favorite? Look what he does! Simple press the button on his back and he does this. 


He has spring head shooting action. If he bends over, and is positioned just right, he could head shot He-Man's shield and knock him over.

Assuming you can get them to stand with that tail!  Surpsingly tails don't hep with stability! 


Speaking of legs,  I'm surprised Ultimate Warrior didn't sue! Furthering is that championship belt he wears! 


Speaking of speaking of legs I saw his legs being sold on ebay. Just his legs with the ropes cut!


Just in case you need right arm. Again, it's not like these things just pop back into place. The ropey things that break are unfix able. I have tried. 


 All these ebay auctions lead me to this, the king of Rattlor ebay auctions. His staff is six dollars. So if a crap laser pistol is four dollars then a crap staff is six? Six dollars?


 This is a picture of him from the cartoon series. It is canon.


My shame is a lack of Masters of the Universe cartoon knowledge. I know it from the toys and movie. Something that I'm rectifying by buying he box sets and reading fan sites. I didn't even know this guys name! I've seen him everywhere toys of yesterday are sold. I always assumed such a masculine villain would be a He-Man villain, right? Wrong.  

This guy was a Princess of Power villain.  I laid down while spirals moved behind me at this revelation.  Nothing sexual about the figure shooting his head out against He-Man, but against She-Ra? I can't wait to take a picture of him attacking her!

 Especially an attack by the red variant! 


Marked at .90 cents. Ebay listings for him with box is well over seventy dollars! To think at one point, you could have owned this guy for that much, in box? 


"The General" the re-named 2002 version. Copyright wouldn't let him have his original name. Anyway, here is with his snake buddies! Look how tough they are! 


 Here's one of him yelling at his staff for being useless.


This one looks like his nipples are ripping through his scales. Like he had to unleash them. 


 Well that was Rattlor. Did any of you guys ever have or see a Rattlor?

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