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Toys Of Yesterday: Masters of the Universe Kobra Khan

9:00 PM on 03.23.2010 // Joshua Hayes

By the power of Greyskull! I know these new shows might have some okay villains, but He-Man and the Masters of the Universe had some of the best villains of all time! The toys were what that show was all about. Those villains were the true stars of the line. I want to highlight as many as possible for you, except that this is a topic far too staggering to write one long article on.

Today's He-Man villain is Kobra Khan. Yeah, he's a Kobra, and yes, his name is Khan. Besides that, you'll recall this is the one that spits water. Kobra Khan has a removable head that you put in water, making him spit out. Just like all toys I love, Kobra Khan is a classic collectible I can't be caught without collecting. He's just so charming. I saw an original in the box mint for only seventy five smackers! If I was more serious about collecting He-Man figures, and who isn't, I would totally go for that. 

How much Kobra Khan can you handle? Hit continue reading for more!

First off, let's talk about who this jerk is. A regular He-Man enemy guy.  He had a spitting ability that could stun people. That's it! Anything else is too much information! 

Not known for its deep characterization or amazing visual ... but He Man was known for the toys! 


This is our guy right here, with webbed feet, brown thong, and crap pistol. He's intimidating!  Take a look at the commercial and watch him fight!


In the world of He-Man, crappy fashion is punishable by death.  He was put to death for this outfit.


I found this on eBay for 4.99 by itself! Really? Someone would think someone would pay that much for just his head? I've seen him listed from one to ten dollars for a loose figure, and between ten to twenty for one with accessories and the box. As a cheap jerk, I made a pass for the one dollar one!

Here's his head! Alas poor Kobra Khan, I knew him well Horatio! He was a snake man of infinite jest who spat out water!


I saw some joker trying to sell the crap pistol for four dollars! He even had the nerve to post a picture of it with a penny! I giggled myself silly at this.

Four dollars for this crap pistol? Yeah sure. 


Just to get an idea of what he looks like with his friends. Imagine these jerks laying on the beach sun tanning. Just discussing their thoughts.


He can't see straight ahead anyway because those eyes point sideways! How can he aim laser pistols with no sight?


 This is from the "new" Masters of the Universe. They tried to make him cool but failed critically.


I have to let you know that this statue was never released. He was to come in a two pack with the blue He-Man, Faker. He even has his crap laser, but made cool. This is my new favorite thing. 


Look at his details! Green to the brown to the lighter green, you can really see the work put into him. One major criticism is the rubber thing connecting his arms and legs, because if it breaks there is no way to fix it! Trust me, if you play with your He-Man toys like I did, they will break!


Listed as shooting a "laser." This looks about as effective as a one legged man in a kicking contest!



 Just look at his ass. That's it, just look at it. I'm not going to ask you to do anything else.


 That's it for today's He-Man Villain! Did you guys ever own a Kobra Khan?!

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Joshua Hayes,
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