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Upon watching Clubber Lang in Rocky III, I didn't think a boxing villain could be any more interesting. What a quick talking, fierce character, whose only motivation is to beat Rocky at any cost. Mr. T plays that character to a ... well, you know. In fact, a lot of Mr. T's famous lines are Clubber Lang lines. Dolph Lundgren somehow was more interesting as a villain.  

Rocky IV should be among the worst Rocky movie. I counted at least three montages. Then a robot shows up for no reason! And to top it all the villain barely speaks. But you know what? It's because this villain barely speaks that makes him so interesting for me. That and he's just such a mean guy! I love this evil jerk! 

Dolph Lundgren, one of the greatest actor of his generation has played all the best heroes and villains. He exceeds at playing intense characters that don't talk much or are really buff for no reason. From the Punisher to He-Man, to his greatest role of the Russian villain in Rocky IV. Few characters in the history of film are as well defined as Rocky IV's Ivan Drago. He's Russian. He's muscular. He's angry. He wants to fight the American champion. And that's it!

Join me beyond the jump for a retrospective of Ivan Drago and some of his action figures.

For starters, let's take a look at this Ivan Drago and his constipated face. I've seen that donkey from Winnie The Pooh look happier than this guy!



The usual 12" scale isn't enough for a deluxe Drago. Here in what I feel is the best of the best, is a full fourteen inches of action figure. What's really great is placing the Rocky from the same line against this Drago and seeing the difference in height. Even as mere toys, Drago dwarfs Rocky.

14" Ivan Drago asks you don't make a comment about how close he and Rocky are standing. But they are well within butt patting distance.


If he wipes, he wipes. Sweat off not poop, silly. 


 I've decided I have to own this. This has to set right next to Pee Wee Hermen. 


Here we see a silver spandex Ivan Drago, training for victory. I'm sure you wouldn't laugh at Dolph Lungren right in front of you wearing this.

However on Tomopop, we can safely laugh at both him and his action figures bad outfit.


I don't know what they were thinking. He really wore this in the movie. I don't think I could walk around wearing one of these, ever. Notice his strategic arm placement hiding the soviet missile! I'm on to you eighties publicity stills photographer!


Who doesn't want to own the white outfit Ivan Drago figure? A collection isn't complete without it!


Here's the military outfit Ivan Drago and Apollo Creed two pack. I always liked the idea of a two pack. Especially when you're getting outfits that normally wouldn't sell separately, like a news conference outfit from a boxing movie!

The face on this one beats the one I zoomed on before. I didn't know he could make his lips look like a puckered up anus. Sure enough, he has done it!


In what I'm guessing is a mock of Rocky's victory pose, a yellow boxers Ivan Drago.


How I got through this without making the Yakov Smirnoff in Soviet Russia joke puzzles me too!

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