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Growing up there are certain things that will always stand out in your mind as something you strongly remember. Going to see The Nightmare Before Christmas the day it came out back on October 29th, 1993 is something I'll never forget. From the moment I saw the film, I absolutely fell in love and have been attached to not only the film, but the characters as well ever since.

Even though I was very young when seeing it, I was so enamored by the stop motion filming techniques and how beautifully the dark setting and characters were designed. Of course you can't forget the amazing music that accompanies the film, but I digress! We're here to talk about toys, and that is indeed what we shall do, because Hasbro released an amazing line of toys to go along with the films release that I owned back in the day.

Hit the jump to learn more about the original line of toys and what they're like now!


Nightmare Before Christmas

There were several figures that came along in this set of The Nightmare Before Christmas toys when they were released alongside the film back in 1993. There were 10 packages that included a total of 12 toys that consisted of: Jack Skellington, Jack as Santa, Sally, Santa, Dr. Finklestein, Oogie Boogie, the Mayor, Werewolf, Behemoth and of course Lock, Shock and Barrel. While all of the other figures were sold seperately, Lock, Shock and Barrel came featured in a 3 pack so that you could get them all together.


Nightmare Before Christmas - Jack

A lot of the toys had really neat actions, or parts that had to do with their characters in the film which made the toys even more fun and awesome. Sadly though, Jack's movement wasn't as neat. Good ol' Jack Skellington stood around 8 inches tall and was a bendy toy, and that's pretty much all he did. Though I'm not really sure why because he was a skeleton, not an amoeba or something weird that could bend. He did however come with a pumpkin head so that you could reinact the opening scene of the movie, though I wouldn't suggest you light the figure on fire, as burning down your house in the process would surely be a no-no.


Nightmare Before Christmas - Lock, Shock and Barrel

Lock, Shock and Barrel come nicely packaged together, which honestly is pretty awesome because getting all the kids together is much better than having to try and find them one by one. They each come equipped with the mask they wear in the film that you can put on and take off at your leisure. The only way it could have been better is if there were a bathtub they could have all fit in for display, but there was a mini figure for that.


Nightmare Before Christmas - Sally

Sally's figure always somewhat made me giggle because they took the fact that she's a rag doll and her limbs fall off and put that in figure form. You could pop off her joints, such as her arms and legs so it looked like she fell apart. That girl's very sneaky, so you never know what those limbs might be doing while they're away from the body. It could get interesting!


Nightmare Before Christmas - Oogie Boogie

Oogie Boogie was pretty rad, but sometimes freaked me out when I was little because not only was he filled with plastic bugs, but he also was glow in the dark! So you could see creepy ol' Oogie staring at you while he glowed from your shelf if he was looming around your room as you slept. No wonder I have nightmares! He was huge though, and was pretty hefty in weight from what I remember so he could definitely be used as a weapon if need be. Actually how awesome would that be? I totally want a retractable Oogie Boogie to use in battle.


Nightmare Before Christmas - The Mayor

The Mayor didn't have much articulation, but his special feature was neat because you could turn his face around. In the movie depending on his mood he'd have his happy face on, but he would flip to his scared/upset face whenever he'd feel that way and that's what you can do with this toy.


Nightmare Before Christmas - Dr. Finklestein

This is yet another of the figures that makes me giggle, because you can open up his head so he can scratch his brain. It used to make me laugh uncontrolably everytime I'd do it. One of my pet peeves though is that they just call him "Evil Scientist" on the package, even though his name, Dr. Finklestein, was used in the movie, so it wasn't like it was a big secret that only super fans would know. It kind of falls under the same category of I wish they would have called Santa, Sandy Claws instead since that's what Jack calls him.


Nightmare Before Christmas - Behemoth

Behemoth is one of two characters I would never have guessed there'd be figures of in this set. He and the Werewolf are both pretty miniscule characters so it seems odd that they would be in the series. Granted, they did get given the lamest of the special features as Behemoth's eyes shift back and forth and Werewolf bites his teeth, so it's not really anything special.


Nightmare Before Christmas - Santa Jack

As you can see, most of the toys look really nice in comparison to their image from the movie, which is always a winner for me. The unfortunate part of that, is that they are highly sought after. Sadly a lot of times if you're wanting to buy a lot of the full set you'll be paying hundreds of dollars, like this one on eBay set for almost $700. I actually used to own this entire set of the toys and absolutely adored them, then as if it were straight out of a Disney movie my evil step-mother took them when she left, so I've never seen them since. If there were any toys I'd want back from my childhood it would be these, not even for the dollar value, but just the sentimental value I had for them.


Nightmare Before Christmas - New Santa Jack

Luckily for those of us who have lost their previous toys, or those who never got a chance to own them before, NECA has re-released the toys plus a ton more and they are insanely well detailed. There are still some available from Big Bad Toy Store, but the rest you're probably going to have to go on a hunt through eBay for since they've been out a while. There are already at least 6 series worth of toys, so if you're in the same boat as me and haven't started collecting them yet you've got a long road ahead of you, but if you're a fan like me it'll all be worth it once you've got them back in your hands once more.

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