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The king reclaims his crown

Hasbro rolled into Toy Fair 2016 promising big things for the Transformers franchise and they weren't kidding! Not only did we get our first real look at Titans Return Fortress Maximus, but the Robots in Disguise line revealed two figures previously only seen in Japan. And that's hardly all the good stuff, check out the list below: 

Transformers: Titans Return

  • Titan Class Fortress Maximus with Deluxe Class Titan Master Cerebros and Titan Master Emissary
  • Leader Class Soundwave with Soundblaster
  • Deluxe Class Blurr with Hyperfire
  • Deluxe Class Chromedome with Stylor
  • Deluxe Class Mindwipe with Vorath
  • Deluxe Class Scourge with Fracas
  • Legends Class Wheelie
  • Legends Class Rumble
  • Legends Class Laserbeak
  • Platinum Edition Cyclonus and Sweeps

Transformers: Robots in Disguise

  • Power Surge Optimus Prime with Mini-con Aerobolt
  • Warrior Class Power Surge Optimus Prime
  • Warrior Class Windblade
  • Warrior Class Scorponok
  • Platinum Edition Bumblebee and Grimlock

For obvious reasons Titans Return Fortress Maximus was the big centerpiece of Hasbro's Transformers corner at Toy Fair. For much of the franchises 30-plus years Fort Max had been the all-time biggest Transformer. That was until a few years ago when Hasbro released Generations Metroplex at about an inch taller. Word from Hasbro is that the new Fort Max will be even taller despite being a heavy retool of Metroplex. He'll also include the only Deluxe Class Titan Master in Cerebros as well as Titan Master Emissary (named for the character from the 2001 RID series) which may or may not be the new code name for Spike Witwicky. As great as Fort Max looks it's a real shame that they somehow neglected to give him any weapons aside from the ones on his legs, not even his trademark hip canons. 

For the rest of the Titans Return reveals it's an interesting mix of old and new. Chromedome and Mindwipe are welcome returns from the Headmaster days, but it's a little odd seeing transforming heads on Scourge and Blurr, especially being former Targetmasters. One of the big surprise hits was Legends Class Wheelie, a character often seen as annoying got a very impressive figure that not only looks great in bot mode and spot-on in car mode, but can even hold a Titan Master inside his car seat. As for the other two, they're repaints, but I will point out that Rumble will have his normal head and not be a straight repaint of Eject. Finishing with the Platinum Edition set, it's supposed to be in celebrate of the 30th anniversary of the original animated movie, but I'm not crazy about them. However, one noteworthy feature is one of the Sweeps having the BotCon 2014 Devcon head with a different scope-thing on top. 

On the RID side of things we got some genuine surprises. First was the big electronic Power Serge Optimus Prime featuring lights and sounds activated when plugging Mini-Con Aerobolt into his chest. Previously this figure had only been seen in Japanese media and it might just be the best looking figure produced for the line. But that's not all, it would seem they've also heavily retooled Warrior Class Optimus Prime into a smaller version of Power Serge Optimus Prime. The CG renders released by Hasbro seam to indicate two figures, one with the power on (white) and one with the power off (red). Looks like they intend to get a lot of mileage out of the concept. 

Looking at the rest of the figures, Warrior Class Windblade appears to be a simplified take on the Generations Fan Built Bot character released a few years ago and again at SDCC 2015. The bot mode paint is lacking, but I really like how clean the jet mode looks. Scorponok is a new character from season two of the cartoon series and looks fairly interesting. A real shocker was the Platinum Edition Bumblebee and Grimlock set. Bee is an improved repaint of his Warrior Class figure, but Grimlock is a massive retooling of Generations Fall of Cybertron  Voyager Class Grimlock from a few years back. This figure was originally exclusive to Japan and sold out quickly in pre-orders making this set a must-have for RID fans. 

This was a fairly light offering for Toy Fair considering we know other figures have been leaked like Voyager Class Astrotrain and Alpha Trion, but it's best to save some stuff for later. After all we have BotCon coming up fast in April and we're sure to see some big reveals there. 

[images via Seibertron]

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