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Toy Fair 2013: Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters

10:30 PM on 02.10.2013 // Jeremy Emerje Crocker

Hasbro manages to retain some surprises for the highly publicised Beast Hunters line.

It can be hard for any company to keep secrets in today's connected world. Between showing off a smattering of new figures at different shows around the world, press releases, and factory leaks it seemed like Hasbro would have nothing new to show at Toy Fair for their new Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters line. They certainly proved they are still capable of keeping secrets at their Saturday press event.

Even with bigger figures like the Ultimate versions of Optimus Prime and Predaking on display the Beast Hunters figure getting the most attention was Voyager class Shockwave! In all likelihood Shockwave was a leftover from the previous Prime line, all of his red armor is removable making him a great fit for either line. He'll be joined by a remold of the already released Ultra Magnus that will have removable armor of a less Monster Hunter-ish nature. Third Voyager figure will be Grimwing, a sort of griffin-like monster.

The Deluxe line gives us our first look at the beastly Skystalker. I've always been a fan of beast Transformers so I'm really loving what they've been showing us so far, though I do think they're going overboard on giving most everything wings. We're also getting an armored version of Wheeljack which looks OK, but the mud colors aren't very appealing. Third up is a Deluxe version of the previously Voyager scale Dreadwing. Seeing him in the line could be something of a spoiler considering the events at the end of the second season. There's certainly something fishy going on here, those bird feet and unusual wings might indicate some sort of secret beast mode.

Winding down we've got the latest in the Cyberverse line. For the most part it was all things we've seen before, but we did get our first look at a Commander class Shockwave that isn't entirely unlike the much larger Voyager figure without the armor. That was alongside a Commander class Starscream figure in the new Beast Hunters design and colors. In the Legion class we got what might be a hint of Autobot Prowl joining the third season. The figure is pretty basic, but it serves its purpose. They also have a Soundwave figure finally coming to the line. Being in the original colors means it's likely a pre-Beast Hunters leftover. Final figure is an entirely new beast figure called Hun-grr, a two headed dragon sharing the same name as the G1 Terrorcon leader. It's an OK figure for the scale, but word is the entire Terrorcon team is being remade and able to combine for a Target exclusive box set so that certainly raises his coolness factor.

That's it for Beast Hunters, but we're still just getting started with Toy Fair!

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